Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art

Create. Inspire. Use your talents to communicate important ideas.

"The art program at Pfeiffer is an intimate one. Students are encouraged to explore a variety of mediums and art methods to better grow their own personal ideas. The student's vision is at the forefront of the program and their willingness to work to expand that vision will be the measuring stick for their personal success."

- Josh Cross, Associate Professor

Express yourself through two-dimensional and three-dimensional creative visual art. Delve into a variety of multi-tiered courses in basic design and theory, painting, drawing, sculpture, mixed media, contemporary art theory and visual culture, and traditional and digital darkroom photography practices.

Main Campus: Historical Misenheimer

The undergraduate art program, in the division of arts and sciences, is available at Pfeiffer's Misenheimer campus. In addition to having access to our faculty, you will benefit from the visiting artists program and excursions to local arts venues.


The art degree program curriculum requires a minimum investment of 45 semester hours (SH) for an art major and 24 semester hours for an art minor.

Requirements for a Major in Studio Art (45 SH)  

Core Courses (24 SH)

Core classes are structured toward building student knowledge in terms of traditional art techniques and art historical context and awareness.

  • ART 111 Art Appreciation
  • ART 114 Art History Survey I
  • ART 121 2D Design
  • ART 122 3D Design
  • ART 131 Drawing Studies I
  • ART 215 Art History Survey II
  • ART 385 Art and the Human Experience
  • ART 465 Issues of Contemporary Art

The Studies (9 SH)

The Studies are media-specific coursework focused on intense exploration of art mediums. Choose the medium(s) that best suit your artistic vision and talents.

Two Level I courses and one Level II course are required. The Level II course is based on choices made in Level I courses.

  • ART 231 Drawing Studies II
  • ART 307 Painting Studies I
  • ART 308 Sculpture Studies I
  • ART 315 Mixed Media Studies I
  • ART 365 Digital Photography Studies
  • ART 407 Painting Studies II
  • ART 408 Sculpture Studies II
  • ART 415 Mixed Media Studies II

Advanced Studio Practices (3 SH)

Explore personal viewpoints and ideas through the medium or media of your choice. Create works for your Capstone Course (Senior Exhibition).

  • ART 425 Advanced Studio Practices

Capstone Course (3 SH)

The Capstone Course is the final required course. Coupled with your exhibition and professional portfolio, it counts as your senior exit test from the university.

  • ART 497 Senior Exhibition

Electives (6 SH)

Choose electives from complementary fields of study outside of the art program (examples: communications, business, web design, philosophy, creative writing). Electives must be 300-level or above.

Requirements for a Minor in Studio Art

Core Courses (24 SH)

  • ART 111 Art Appreciation
  • ART 114 Art History and Survey I
  • ART 121 2D Design
  • ART 122 3D Design
  • ART 131 Drawing Studies I
  • ART 215 Art History Survey II
  • ART 465 Issues of Contemporary Art
  • ART 385 Art and the Human Experience (Visual Culture)

To see details of courses offered, visit the academic catalog.

Studio Art Internships

The studio art program provides a practical, real world curriculum that includes possible internship experiences. Internships and externships enable you to apply your classroom knowledge in your professional field for course credit. In the past, art majors have earned internships at local and regional arts councils and galleries including the Cabarrus Arts Council, Railwalk Galleries in Salisbury, N.C., and the Smithsonian Institute in Washington D.C.

Learn more about internships here.

Senior Exhibition

Graduating seniors in studio art (minors are encouraged to participate) are required to complete the capstone course, senior exhibition, a culminating experience that solidifies the skills used in careers as working artists. Each student builds a portfolio of 15-20 high quality pieces, designs a show and constructs an artistic statement.

Special Awards

Each year the art program holds the Annual Juried Student Art Exhibition. An outside juror (judge) is brought in to select the pieces that represent the best of Pfeiffer students' artwork. The juror is a working artist, art educator or museum/gallery curator not associated with the university to bring in a fresh set of eyes and opinions on the creative works of students. The exhibit is open to all undergraduate students; students may submit as many pieces as they wish in whatever medium or media they choose.

Awards given:

  • Best of Show
  • Merit Award # 1
  • Merit Award # 2
  • People's Choice Award (chosen by votes cast by those in attendance at the exhibit’s opening reception)
  • Juror's Choice Award (for a piece the juror feels drawn to personally).

Tuition & Fees

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Want to pursue a career as a set designer, photo stylist or interior decorator? How about a career in advertising or graphic design? Would you like to be an art dealer or produce and sell your own art? Pfeiffer’s art degree opens doors to career paths that require an eye for aesthetics or artistic skill.

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