Bachelor of Arts in Religion and Practical Theology

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Pfeiffer University offers a proud tradition of excellence in preparing students for a life of servant leadership in a variety of Christian vocations. Students interested in church work, missions, seminary or graduate study in religion find that Pfeiffer is a great place to start their journey. After completing our program, graduates serve as youth ministers, Christian educators, missionaries, music ministers, camp leaders and conference workers. Others study at some of the nation's premier seminaries and graduate programs. 

Get involved in campus ministry, including praise band, peer chaplains, sports chaplains, Bible studies, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Campus Crusade for Christ and more.

At Pfeiffer, you are surrounded by a worshipping community of friends who are involved in community service, regular travel for domestic and international missions and work in agencies in the community.

For more information please read the religion and practical theology onesheet.

Main Campus: Historical Misenheimer

Pfeiffer’s undergraduate religion and practical theology program, in the division of arts and sciences, is available at the Misenheimer campus. Join the Christians Engaged in Faith Formation club and apply to be part of the TAK Honors Society. The program is known for the personal attention and practical experience afforded our students.


All students complete a semester-long internship as part of their degree requirements. Many students work in churches throughout their undergraduate career. Pfeiffer has connections to a number of churches seeking youth ministers and Christian educators.

The religion and practical theology program curriculum requires a minimum investment of 54 semester hours. Bible, theology, history and cultural studies converge to establish an interdisciplinary foundation. Students interested in Christian education and/or youth ministry specialize in advanced courses related to age-related ministries; those preferring missions and/or graduate/seminary studies specialize in advanced courses related to intercultural studies, Bible and religion.

(Note: Due to political tensions in some countries where students pursue internships and mission work, the minor in Christian missions has been renamed intercultural studies. With the change, students are better able to enter and move about freely in certain regions of the globe.)

Requirements for a Major in Religion and Practical Theology (36 SH)

Introductory Required Core (18 SH)

  • RAPT 201 Spiritual Formation and Faith Development
  • RAPT 202 Christian Ethics
  • RAPT 205 Old Testament
  • RAPT 206 New Testament
  • RAPT 218 History of Christianity
  • RAPT 230 Vocation and Servant Leadership

Intermediate Electives (12 SH)

In addition to the above required courses for all majors, each student majoring in RAPT will complete one course in the following areas:

Focus on Biblical Interpretation (3 SH):

  • RAPT 334 Jesus the Servant Leader
  • RAPT 470 Bible and the World
  • RAPT 473 Letters of Paul
  • RAPT 512 Topics in Religion and Intercultural Studies

Focus on Contextual/Theological Analysis (3 SH)

  • RAPT 200 Philosophy for Theology and Ethics
  • RAPT 210 Religion and Modern American Culture
  • RAPT 215 World Religions
  • RAPT 250 American Christendom
  • RAPT 310 Christ and Culture
  • RAPT 321 Introduction to Theology
  • RAPT 424 Contemporary Theology
  • RAPT 512 Topics in Religion and Intercultural Studies

Focus on Ministry Integration (3 SH)

  • RAPT 301 Nature and Work of Education Ministries
  • RAPT 307 Leadership and Administration in Educational Ministries
  • RAPT 345 Introduction to Sports Ministry
  • RAPT 514 Topics in Practical Theology

An additional 3 SH from any RAPT 300 level course or above

Upper Level Requirements (6 SH):

  • RAPT 450 Internship
  • RAPT 550 Research in Practical Theology I
  • RAPT 552 Research in Practical Theology II

Requirements for a Minor in Religion and Practical Theology

Religion and Intercultural Studies (18 SH + 3 SH Foreign Language)

  • RAPT 205 Old Testament or RAPT 206 New Testament
  • RAPT 215 World Religions
  • RAPT 315 Cultural Anthropology or RAPT 310 Christianity and Culture or RAPT 512 Topics in Religion & Intercultural Studies
  • RAPT 334 Jesus the Servant Leader or RAPT 470 Interpreting Bible and World
  • RAPT 410 Mission in the 21st Century

You will also need to take three semester hours of a foreign language or approved travel seminar.  

For descriptions of courses, visit the academic catalog.

Tuition & Fees

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Are you eager to step into a role of spiritual leadership? Have you dreamed of leading a ministry, mission or church? Pfeiffer’s B.A. in religion and practical theology program prepares you for a purposeful and rewarding career in the church.

Seminarians generally go on to become a minister, pastor or professor. Graduates also prepare for long-term ministries in Africa, Eastern Europe and Latin America with the General Board of Global Ministries.

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Students interested in a master’s degree or becoming a deacon, click here for more information about graduate level programs

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Those interested in deacon ordination can learn more by clicking here and the master of arts in practical theology program by clicking here

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