Bachelor of Arts in Communication

Express yourself. Communicate important ideas. Make a difference.

Pfeiffer’s communication degree program prepares you for a career in journalism, advertising, public relations, broadcasting, business or human relations. It also positions you to excel in graduate school. The program teaches excellent oral, written and technological communication skills essential for entering and adapting to a constantly changing workplace environment. Upon graduation, communications majors possess speaking, writing, computing, analysis and research skills.

As a department, we bring to the forefront the notion that communication creates meaning in our lives. We encourage you to respect the power of communication because we believe communication transforms lives and shapes society.

Main Campus: Historical Misenheimer

The undergraduate communications program, in the division of arts and sciences, is available at the Misenheimer campus. Take advantage of opportunities for practical experience through internships at TV and radio stations, newspapers, corporations and nonprofit organizations.


Pfeiffer’s communications program curriculum requires a minimum investment of 41-47 semester hours (SH), including 20 SH of core classes, 12 SH in a concentration, nine SH in electives, plus six SH of a foreign language.

Communications majors choose from three areas of concentration:

Digital Media – Study the theory and production behind audio, video and multimedia design. Students write and develop digital products and examine the global social networks created with digital media.   

Journalism – Learn to report events responsibly and ethically. Through a combination of classwork and writing for publication, students practice the craft and mechanics of writing.

Professional Communication – Develop an awareness of organizational systems and how they affect problem solving, decision making and innovation. Learn to assess effective communication practices in a variety of contexts and prepare to work as an effective human relations practitioner.

Practical Experience – Investigate internship opportunities to gain real-world experience in public relations, copywriting, publishing, electronic media or journalism.

Requirements for a Major in Communication (23 SH)

Core Courses

  • COMM 103 Falcon's Eye (one semester)
  • COMM 200 Public Speaking
  • COMM 204 Communication Technology
  • COMM 206 Media Writing
  • COMM 380 Theories of Communication
  • COMM 421 Communication Ethics
  • COMM 497 Internship
  • COMM 525 Senior Capstone
  • SOCY 504 Research Methods

Concentrations /Electives (9 SH)

Choose from the following concentrations:

Digital Media

  • COMM 209 Introduction to Video Production
  • COMM 215 Pfeiffer Falcon
  • COMM 305 Multimedia Production
  • COMM 426 Visual Rhetoric

Strategic Communication & Public Relations

  • COMM 330 Principles of Public Relations
  • COMM 360 Organizational Communication
  • COMM 420 Principles of Media Law
  • COMM 425 Public Relations Campaigns

Requirements for a Minor in Communications (22 SH)

Core (13 SH):

  • COMM 103 The Pfeiffer Falcon Staff
  • COMM 200 Public Speaking
  • COMM 204 Communication Technology
  • COMM 317 Ethics & Morality in Media
  • COMM 380 Theories of Communication

Electives (9 SH):

Nine semester hours selected from the academic offerings in Communication, at least one of which must be at the 400 level.

For descriptions of courses, visit the academic catalog.

Tuition & Fees

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Communications career options are practically endless. Embark on a rewarding career in writing, advertising, journalism, publishing or public relations. Consider opportunities in mass media, training, education or technical writing. A communications degree prepares you for a multitude of career options.

Alumni Spotlight

I was drawn to the communications department because it offered me the opportunity to hone my ability to inspire, organize and collaborate with those around me. Both during my graduate studies and now as a college professor, the communications skills I learned have been essential components of my success.

Dr. Benjamin Haywood '05

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