Office of the Registrar

The Registrar's Office supports the academic initiative of the university by serving as the official custodian of student records, implementing academic policies and reporting enrollment and other data to authorized persons and agencies in compliance with the Family Educational Rights Privacy Act (FERPA) of 1974.  It is the office's mission to provide students, faculty, staff, the general public and government agencies with student record and course information services upon request.

The following is a list of the services provided by the Registrar's Office:

  • Issuing of official transcripts and diplomas
  • Recording of grades and grade changes as reported by the faculty
  • Assisting students with registration and add/drops
  • Processing student withdrawals from courses
  • Processing student withdrawals from the University
  • Producing and reporting academic standing reports (honors or probation)
  • Posting and publishing the class schedule
  • Certifying Veterans Administration
  • Evaluating transfer credit
  • Serving as a resource concerning academic policies  
  • Processing of graduation applications (through degree audits) and awarding of degrees completed
  • Reporting enrollment and degree verifications
  • Certifying NCAA eligibility



Misenheimer Campus
Administration Building, Ste 226
Phone: 704-463-3061
Fax: 704-463-0308
[email protected]

Charlotte Campus
Student Services Suite
Phone: 704-945-7316
Fax: 704-945-7330
[email protected]

Official Transcripts

Current and former students may order transcripts by completing the request online at The cost is $10.25 per request. (For additional help ordering a transcript, visit the National Student Clearinghouse help page here.)

Degree/Enrollment Verifications

Verifications of enrollment and degree verifications may be requested by completing the request online at  (For additional help verifying enrollment or a degree, visit the National Student Clearinghouse help page here.) 

If you require additional assistance please contact Assistant Registrar, Kim Smith. [email protected]



Pfeiffer University will host in-person Undergraduate Commencement exercises on its main campus May 13 - 16, 2021. For more detailed information visit the registration page here.

Graduate Commencement plans will be released soon.

Registrar FAQs

How do I verify my student's enrollment for my insurance company?
You may request verification through the National Student Clearinghouse at or contact our office at (704) 463-3061.

My son or daughter would like to take summer courses close to home. How do I know they will be accepted by Pfeiffer University?
Your student will need to complete the Transient Credit Form, which can be found on my.Pfeiffer and in the Registrar's Office. Your student will need to fill it out and take it to the Registrar's Office for approval. 
* Your student will only get transient credit if they pass the course with a "C" or better. 

What is the difference between dropping and withdrawing from a course?
Dropping a course leaves no record on the student's academic transcript, while withdrawing is always accompanied by a withdrawal grade such as W, WP or WF.

Dropping from a course does not create a receivable on the student's account, meaning that a student who drops or is administratively dropped from a course owes nothing for that course. On the other hand, a student who withdraws from a course (or courses), pays at least a prorated amount for that course, depending on when the withdrawal occurs.

Based on our current drop policy, students have up to the 6th day of class during the regular term, (1st day in the summer) to drop out of an unwanted course or switch it for another.

Where can I find information about commencement?
Commencement information can be found on my.Pfeiffer. Also, emails will be sent to your student's Pfeiffer email account. 

My student applied for graduation. When will they know if they have been approved for graduation?
After the Registrar's Office evaluates a student for graduation clearance, the office emails the student and their advisor a Degree Audit Result Form. This form will let the student know which courses if any, they still need to graduate.

*These emails are only sent to the student's Pfeiffer University email address.


Pfeiffer University complies with the provisions of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) of 1974, as amended. This act, as it applies to higher learning, ensures that students have access to certain records that pertain to them and that unauthorized persons do not have access to such records. A copy of the act and the university's policy regarding Student Educational Records and Information is available upon request at the Office of the Dean of Student Development.

Forms and Links

Consent to Access Information 
Student's Privacy Rights 
Greater Charlotte Consortium

Academic Calendars, Course Schedules and Catalogs

Visit the following pages for more information:

To request a previously printed course catalog be sent to you, please contact Jonathan Hutchinson, our archivist, at [email protected] or (704) 463-3361.