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Prepare for the challenges that confront all professionals in today’s global business environment.

Whether your focus is banking, international business, marketing, management or economics, Pfeiffer’s business programs equip you to influence your community and the world of business at large.

Dean of Division of Business

Thank you for your interest in Pfeiffer’s business programs. Comprehensive programming, distinctive learning opportunities and accomplished, dedicated faculty are just a few of the reasons to explore and enroll at Pfeiffer. Our faculty work to deliver life-enhancing learning experiences that lead to our students’ success in corporations and organizations worldwide. You will gain an understanding of the business environment, identify and apply best practices and resources, and partner with exemplary business leaders.

To accomplish this consistently, we:

  • Accurately assess and understand industry stakeholder and learner needs and characteristics
  • Deliver relevant programs
  • Provide an engaging learning environment
  • Form complementary educational partnerships
  • Enlist advice and support of industry professionals
  • Operate according to recognized best practices

We invite you to explore all that we have to offer.

Dr. Dawn Lucas
Interim Dean

[email protected]


Pfeiffer's business programs are offered throughout Pfeiffer's network of campuses. Undergraduate programs are located in Misenheimer; graduate programs are offered in Charlotte and online. Degree completion programs are available online.

Undergraduate Programs

Highly motivated students who qualify may apply to Pfeiffer’s 3/2 program and earn a baccalaureate degree and MBA in five years or less.

Graduate Programs

Degree Completion

ACBSP Accreditation

The following business programs at Pfeiffer University are accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs:

  • Accounting, Bachelor of Science
  • Business Management and Leadership, Bachelor of Science
  • Computer Information Systems, Bachelor of Science
  • Master of Business Administration (MBA)
  • Sport Management, Bachelor of Arts
  • Business Management and Leadership/MBA 3-2 program

Graduates by ACBSP Programs

Enrollment by Program Graph

*The following programs have been excluded at the Division of Business request and will be considered for accreditation at a later date: Financial Fraud and Fraud Examinations, Bachelor of Science, Master of Science in Financial Fraud, Master of Science in Leadership, MBA/MHA, MBA/MSL

Student Performance Data

The Division of Business has a comprehensive assessment system in place and it is used in conjunction with the University-wide student learning outcome (SLO) system. The process of integrating institutional research and assessment in order to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our academic programming is of value.  The School of Business aspires to continuously improve in this area in order to ensure that our graduates continue to thrive. Click here for information regarding the student learning outcomes from 2017-2020.

Global Participation/Study Abroad

Current Pfeiffer business students, graduates, and faculty have a long history of international travel and study. Pfeiffer business students have lived, worked, and studied across the globe including in Australia, England, Norway, Ghana, Italy, Germany, Sweden, and China.

International students studying in the School of Business have come from several countries in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Central, and South America, India, and China.

Faculty members travel the world to participate in economic training programs, recruiting and leading Pfeiffer students through cultural and business-themed tourism and for personal, business, and educational enrichment.

That’s why we provide multiple opportunities for you to travel abroad and experience a variety of cultures.

Tuition and Fees

Your education is one of the most important financial investments you’ll ever make. Pfeiffer financial aid advisors will work with you to develop a financial aid package that is affordable for you. Click here for current tuition and fees.

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