Academic Divisions

Reinventing the liberal arts experience one student at a time. 

Pfeiffer University is committed to inspiring a generation of graduates who are natural leaders, confident in who they are and driven to pursue purposeful careers. To fulfill that mission, Pfeiffer has reinvented the liberal arts experience. We deliver current academic knowledge coupled with practical, professional experience.

Undergraduate students are nurtured and inspired on our historic Misenheimer campus. Graduate, professional certificate and degree completion students find our online and professional programs at our Charlotte and Raleigh-Durham campuses to be flexible and practical.

Each of our academic divisions is tailored to provide the education and experiences required for career success.

Division of Business

Our business degree programs are aligned with the ever-changing needs of the real business world. To ensure we remain current and practical, we partner with local corporate leaders. You make valuable connections and learn from people already working in your field of choice.

Division of Education

If you want to inspire students, you will want to explore our education programs and certificates. We are known for our high standard of excellence in the field of education, as is evidenced by a nearly 100 percent placement rate.

Division of Arts & Sciences

How do we equip students to thrive in the digitized, globalized, discovery-driven workforce of the 21st century? We teach you to think, analyze, communicate and respond to a rapidly changing world. Then we immerse you in real-life work situations through internships and volunteer opportunities, preparing you for the demands of the work world.

Division of Applied Health Sciences

If you want to be immersed in a diverse academic environment conducive to the development of servant leaders who master and practice core competencies critical to advanced 21st century healthcare environments, inquire about our applied health sciences undergraduate and graduate programs. Our programs also reflect expectations for empowering leaders to embrace the values of providing excellent client-centered care with personal integrity, compassion and respect for human dignity.