Pfeiffer University Campus

Volunteer Leave Policy - Servant Leadership

Pfeiffer University encourages community involvement by providing all full-time employees 6 days per calendar year (may be used in hourly increments), for volunteering their time to local schools, non-profit organizations, community services and other approved organizations, including faith-based opportunities.

Time allotted for part-time employees will be based on schedule worked.   Anyone hired during the calendar year will receive volunteer time pro-rated at ½ day per month.

Before committing to an outside organization, you must obtain your supervisor's advance approval for the time in question.  Lead-time of one week is required; more would be appreciated, especially in the case of multiple days absent for the same activity.  Please use the Volunteer Leave Tracking Form.  One copy of this form should be submitted Human Resources, and another to the Francis Center upon completion of the volunteer activity.

Time taken would be recorded on the monthly Record of Attendance, and accumulated over the course of a calendar year.  Time not used would be forfeited.   In certain circumstances, where an employee is aware of a commitment of more than 6 days in the coming year, consideration would be given to allowing the current year’s time to be carried forward (e.g., 2 week mission trip).

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