South Quad

South Quad contains 2 residence halls:

New Hall
new hall exteriorCo-educational by apartment

For sophomores, juniors, and seniors with GPAs of 3.0
or higher.

  • air conditioning
  • living room (unfurnished)
  • kitchenette
  • laundry in each apartment
  • private bath for each of 3 bedrooms
  • Internet access

Room and window dimensions: Varies by room

2014-15 New Hall Residence Assistants:

  • Valeria Mendoza (NH North)
  • Ashlyn Freeman (NH South)

Vaughn Hall
vaughn exteriorWomen's residence

  • air conditioning
  • laundry
  • lounge
  • Internet access
  • loftable, movable furniture

Room dimensions: 7' x 9'

Window dimensions (l x w): 45" x 56"

2014-15 Vaughn Hall Residence Assistants:

  • Jessica Greene (1st floor)
  • Miracle Campbell (2nd floor)
  • Nikki Duffel (2nd floor)
  • Joe Wilbur (3rd floor)
  • Vaughn QD: Matt Humphries



Ervin Hall
ervin exterior
Men's Residence

  • air-conditioning
  • laundry
  • Internet access
  • lounge

2014-2015 Ervin Residence Assistants:

Closed for renovation




Mid-Quad contains 2 residence halls:

Kluft Hall
Co-educational by floor

kluft exterior

  • air conditioning
  • lounge
  • laundry
  • Internet access

Room dimensions: 9' x 9'

Window dimensions (l x w): 43" x 69"

2014-15 Kluft Hall Residence Assistants:

  • Abbie Goodman (1st floor)
  • Christie Mello (2nd floor)

Plyler Hall
plyler exteriorCo-educational by floor

Private rooms with movable furniture for upperclassmen.

  • air conditioning
  • lounge
  • laundry
  • Internet access

Room dimensions: 10' x 9'

Window dimensions (l x w): 45" x 56"

2014-15 Plyler Hall Residence Assistants:

  • Nathan Jarman (1st floor)
  • Cade Isley (2nd floor)
  • Stef Hardig (3rd floor)

North Quad

North Quad contains 4 residence halls:

Cline Hall
cline exteriorCo-educational by floor

  • lounge
  • laundry
  • kitchen
  • Internet access
  • Newly air conditioned (Summer 2014)

Room and window dimensions: Vary in size

2014-15 Cline Hall Residence Assistant:

  • Natalie Miller

Merner Hall
merner exteriorCo-educational by floor

  • air conditioning (rooms 101-308)
  • lounge
  • laundry
  • kitchen
  • Internet access

Room dimensions:
Rooms 1-13 and 21-40: 10' x 10'
Rooms 101-308 (east wing): 8' x 9'

Window dimensions (l x w):
Rooms 1-13: 81" x 51"
Rooms 21-40: 69" x 51"
Rooms 101-308: 56" x 45"

2014-15 Merner Hall Residence Assistants:

  • Isaiah McCrary (1st Main)
  • Ashlyn Julian (1st Wing)
  • Roberto Soares (2nd Main)
  • Steven Miller (2nd Wing)
  • Cara Johnson (3rd Wing)

Rowe Hall
rowe exteriorCo-educational by floor

  • air conditioning (wings only)
  • lounge
  • laundry
  • kitchen
  • Internet access

Room dimensions:
Rooms 100-317 (wings): 8' x 9'
Rooms 221-238: 10' x 8'

Window dimensions (l x w):
Rooms 100-317: 84" x 50"
Rooms 221-238: 72" x 50"

2014-15 Rowe Hall Residence Assistants:

  • Jessica Hammond (1st Wing W)
  • Matt Bailey (1st Wing and Main)
  • Zaman Rashid (2nd Main)
  • Bobby Reasso (2nd Wing E)
  • Emily Robbian (2nd Wing W)
  • Mitch Tunnell (3rd Wing E)
  • Natalie Marsh (3rd Wing W)
  • Rowe QD: Taylor Lindsay

Washington Hall
washington exteriorWomen's residence

Private rooms with movable furniture for upperclassmen.

  • air conditioning
  • lounge
  • laundry
  • Internet access

Room dimensions: 10' x 10'

Window dimensions (l x w):
Rooms 1-21: 83" x 50"

Rooms 21-39: 72" x 50"

2014-15 Washington Hall Residence Assistants

  • Jessica McCrimmon (1st floor)
  • Cassi Saunders (2nd floor)
  • Lauren Janka (2nd floor)
  • Washington QD: Ashley King

Housing Application

Those interested in living on campus in a Pfeiffer University residence hall must submit a housing application. The application supplies the Residence Life Office with important information used in roommate selection and housing assignment. Housing Assignments are carefully made by the Residence Life staff made, in order of receipt of Housing Application and enrollment deposit, by using the information provided in the Housing Application and will be posted on your account.

Beginning in March, you’ll be able to submit your housing application via the my.pfeiffer portal.


Additional Information

  • First-year students at Pfeiffer live in a double room with a roommate for their first semester.
  • Housing Assignments are carefully made by the Residence Life staff by using the information provided in the Housing Application.
  • Please make sure that you fill out the second page of the application truthfully and that you include anything that would be important for a potential roommate to know about you.
  • If you have a specific roommate in mind, make sure that BOTH of you list each other in the Roommate Request section and that you include their address. We will honor 100% of roommate requests submitted by BOTH students. We do NOT accept roommate submissions or requests from anyone other than students.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

faq photoAre single rooms available?
Single rooms are available only to returning students.

May I decorate my room?
Students are encouraged to personalize their rooms. It is recommended that removable tape be used to affix posters and other decorations to the walls. The use of other types of tape, staples, or tacks of any kind may result in damage to the walls and subsequent charges for repair. Pictures and posters may be hung on the room doors, with removable tape; paint and marking pens should not be used on doors. Residents will be charged for cleaning or repairing both sides of their room door. Residents are not allowed to paint their room. Any university provided furniture cannot be removed from the room. Any alteration to the room that causes damage to the room is the responsibility of the occupants of that room. Any decoration which adds significantly to the combustibility of the room is prohibited.

How big are residence hall rooms?
Residence hall room sizes vary by building. Please refer to Residence Halls for exact dimensions in each hall.

Are phones provided?
Residence Life provides on-campus telephone service. However, students must provide their own telephone. Students should purchase pre-paid long-distance calling cards as long distance service is not provided. Cell phones are acceptable.

May I bring my pet?
No pets other than fish (10 gallon tank maximum) are allowed. Violating the pet policy will result in a $250 fine and judicial action.

May freshman students have cars on campus?
Yes, all students are able to register cars on campus. For more specific parking information, see Campus Police.

How are room assignments made?
Returning students participate in the room selection process to reserve rooms for the upcoming year. This process will be completed in the first week of March prior to spring break. The first step in the process is payment of a housing deposit.

New/entering students' room assignments are completed through the Housing Application. After paying the enrollment deposit, new students may submit a completed housing application to the Office of Student Development. On the application, students indicate their preferences for housing and roommates (if applicable). New students' room assignments are made based on the information provided in the application.

Although entering students (first-year, transfer and re-admitted) are given no guarantee of assignment to a specific building or room, every attempt is made to honor students' first or second preferences. Also, Residence Life will attempt to honor roommate requests when all students involved have mutually agreed in writing before the Housing Application priority deadline (mid-July). The University will assign roommates for students who do not express roommate preferences. In general, entering students are assigned rooms in accordance with the dates on which the college receives their completed application and room preference materials. The college does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, national origin or sexual orientation in those assignments.

When will I receive my room assignment?
Housing assignments are made as we receive applications. Shortly after your assignment is made, you will receive an email notification. We encourage you to contact your roommate(s) and begin to get to know one another and start planning what each of you will be bringing for your room. You will have an opportunity to discuss the residence program and other aspects of college life by attending an Accepted Students Day on campus in either April or July.

NOTE: If you have not received your room assignment by Aug. 1 or have questions, please contact the Office of Student Development at (704) 463-3400, Mon., through Fri., 8 a.m.-4 p.m.

May I move in early?
Students are able to move into the residence halls on or after the designated dates published each semester. Typically, early arrivals cannot be accommodated.

May I mail or ship my belongings to campus before I arrive?
Any packages for resident students should be mailed to arrive AFTER the student arrives on campus.

What if I don't get along with my roommate?
Roommates don't always agree on everything. That's OK. But if you and your roommate are having difficulty living together, a variety of strategies can help. Moving to a different room without first trying to work things out with your roommate is not an option. So, here's what you need to do to begin to work out those differences:

1. Talk with your roommate! Let him/her know what's on your mind. Roommates aren't mind readers. Maybe he or she has no idea that you would like something to change!

2. If you talk with your roommate and aren't able to work out the issues, talk with your resident assistant (RA). They are available to help you and they've been trained to help people work out conflicts.

3. So, you've tried talking with your roommate, AND you've received some help from your RA, but you still have some concerns - now it's time to get the Residence Life head staff involved. In some cases, the Quad Director of Director of Residence Life may coach you a little on how to approach your roommate differently; in other cases, however, s/he may meet with the two of you together to help you communicate with one another.

More often than not, roommate conflicts can be resolved by using one, two or all three of these approaches. If your situation isn't resolved by using these methods, the Director of Residence Life will help you find a better living situation. Room changes are permitted after the tenth day of the beginning of a semester.

May I have guests in my room?
Residents may host visitors/guests in their residence hall with the consent of their roommate and/or suitemates and in compliance with the Visitation Policy. Visitation hours are Sun.-Thurs.,10a.m.- midnight; Fri. and Sat., 10 a.m. - 2 a.m. Visitors of the opposite sex should always be escorted in the halls, stairwells, and rooms. Violation of visitation policies can result in fines and judicial charges.

What if I get locked out of my residence hall or room?
During the day, students can visit the Office of Residence Life 103A, Stokes Student Center to check out a spare key for 15 minutes. After 5 p.m. or before 9 a.m., they can visit the RA Duty Office in 103C, Stokes Student Center or call the Quad Director on Call. A $5 fine will be placed on a student's account each time this happens after the first (free) one.

May I have my own refrigerator?
Students can bring a compact personal refrigerator, provided it is smaller than 4.3 cubic feet.

Are cooking facilities available in the residence halls?
Cooking facilities are located in some residence halls. Cline, James, Merner, Rowe, and Vaughn residence halls have kitchens located on the first floor.

Are any banks located convenient to campus? 
A First Bank is located nearby but off campus in Richfield, and an ATM is available in Stokes Student Center for student use.

Where are laundry facilities located and how much does it cost?
Each residence hall has laundry facilities within. Cost for using the facilities is covered through the resident fees.

Is there special housing for freshman students?
First-year students are housed in all residence halls except New Hall. All halls are staffed and offer programs to assist first-year students.

How many students live on campus?
Approximately 550 students live on Pfeiffer's Misenheimer campus.

Does my room include any furniture?
Residence hall rooms are typically furnished with a bed, dresser, desk, desk chair, and closet for each resident.

Is there a requirement to live on campus?
Yes, the Residential Policy states that, All students are required to live on campus in residence halls, with the exception of married students living with their spouse, commuter students living at home with a legal guardian that live within a 35-mile radius, or students over 21 years of age.

Should I insure my belongings?
Pfeiffer assumes no responsibility for the loss, theft or damage to personal property, even if that loss was caused by the failure of a University mechanical system such as a pipe bursting. We strongly encourage you to have insurance coverage before you begin residency. Typically, such coverage may be provided by extension of a homeowner's policy, renter's insurance or insurance specifically for college students. Many vendors offer low cost insurance specifically directed to the college environment.

Where do I get mail?
The University does not provide mail boxes for residential students. Many students ll rent Post Office boxes from the Misenheimer Post Office located on campus. Cost is typically around $40 for a calendar year.

How do I submit a maintenance request for my room?
For such needs as burned out light bulbs, plumbing or general maintenance issues, submit a work order to the Pfeiffer Plant Operations staff by visiting Your first time using the site, you will need to register for a login and password.

What am I responsible for cleaning?
Residents are responsible for cleaning their own rooms and private bathrooms. A University plant operations staff member cleans only the common areas of each building, including hallways, parlors, kitchens, and community bathrooms.

Are Residence Life staff members allowed to enter my room?
University staff members may enter your room for health and safety inspections (which happen 2-3 times each semester), suspicion of illegal activities/policy infractions, or maintenance concerns. Notice of upcoming health and safety inspections will be posted throughout the entire residence hall prior to the actual inspection.

What are quiet and courtesy hours?
Quiet hours are designated times when residents are required to refrain from making sounds that can be heard from outside their rooms. Quiet hours are 11 p.m.-10 a.m. on nights that precede morning classes, and 1 a.m.-10 a.m. on nights preceding mornings with no scheduled classes. These hours allow a period when studying and sleeping can be accomplished. Failure to acknowledge quiet hours will result in disciplinary action.

Courtesy hours are similar to quiet hours but last 24 hours a day. These require students to respect their fellow residents and agree to all requests to lower their volume when their fellow community members are disturbed by the noise. Courtesy hours let residents maximize the use of their hall space even during times not specifically designated as quiet hours.

Important Dates

Residence Life Schedule
Fall Semester  
6/1 Housing application priority deadline
8/14 Move-in day for new students, 8 a.m.-1 p.m.
8/17 Move-in day for returning students, 9 a.m.- 5 p.m.
10/11-10/19 Fall Break (residence halls remain open)
11/26-11/30 Thanksgiving holidays (residence halls remain open)
12/10-12/16 Final exams (students vacate the halls within 24 hours of their last final)
12/17 Residence halls close for fall semester, 10 a.m.
Spring Semester  
Move-in day for new students, 8 a.m.-1 p.m.
Residence halls open for returning students starting at Noon
1/19 Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday (Residence Halls remain open)
3/7-15 Spring Break (residence halls remain open)
4/3-4/5 Easter holiday (residence halls remain open)
4/29-5/6 Final exams (students check out of residence halls within 24 hrs. of their last final)
5/7 Residence halls close for non-graduating students, 10 a.m.
5/9 Commencement (residence halls close for graduating seniors on Sunday 5/10 at 10 a.m.)

What Should I Bring (and not bring) To Campus?



  • 3M Command adhesive tabs or hooks to hang items
  • Alarm clock
  • Bedding, including comforter, mattress pad, pillow and sheets (XL-Twin)
  • Curtains (optional; blinds provided)
  • Lamp (small)
  • Laundry Supplies
  • Pictures and posters
  • Refrigerator--one per room (maximum 4.3 cubic feet)
  • Telephone
  • Television and cable cord
  • Toiletries
  • Towels
  •  UL-approved surge protected power strips
  • Umbrella
  • Adhesives that damage doors and walls,
    including foam tape, duct tape, poster putty and others
  • Air conditioners, including portable/movable
  • Anything that hangs from the ceiling
  • Candles
  • Dartboards
  • Electric cooking appliances, including coffee pots,
    deep fryers, blenders, toasters, toaster ovens, sandwich makers, indoor grills, hot plates, popcorn poppers, etc.
  • Halogen lights (any kind)
  • Lava lamps
  • Multi-plug extension cords
  • Pets (except for fish/10 gallon tank maximum)
  • Plug-in strings of lights (including holiday)
  • Space heaters

Residence Life Staff


Director of Residence Life - Regina Simmons

As the Director of Residence Life, Regina supervises the student leadership and daily operations of the eleven residence halls on Pfeiffer's beautiful campus.  You can reach Regina by emailing or stopping by her office in 103A Stokes.


Assistant Director of Residence Life and Director of Orientation - Jill Rogers

As the Assistant Director of Residence Life and Director of Orientation, Jill indirectly supervises the residence life student staff members and is responsible for all student conduct and new student orientation. You can reach Jill by emailing or stopping by her office in 103B Stokes.




North Quad Mid Quad South Quad

LLC Coordinators2

North Quad Staff Mid-Quad Staff South Quad Staff LLC Coordinators



James Center - Josh JenkinsThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Josh is a four year veteran of resident life, this year he is the Housing Assistant (HA) and is responsible for the non-traditional residents of James Center, He helps out with Housing and also assists the Residence Life Coordinator (RLC) with housing operations and technology.

Moving In and Out of Residence Halls

  • moving in photoA Room Condition Report (RCR), recording the exact condition of every item in the room, must be completed and signed by all students and their residence hall assistant upon moving in to a residence hall; it must be submitted to Residence Life within 24 hours. (Failure to comply results in a $25 fine.)
  • When a student moves out of his or her living area, all keys are to be returned. At this time, the condition of all items in the room will be compared to the condition originally described on the RCR. Any damage beyond normal wear and tear will be billed to the individual, or to both occupants in the case of roommates. Charges will be assessed for any furniture that was present at check-in but missing or unaccounted for at check out.
  • Residents will be subject to room repainting charges if the use of tape or other adhesives causes surface damage. Charges for damage caused by nails, thumbtacks, and graffiti or stickers on doors, walls, or furniture may also be assessed to residents.
  • Students who do not check in or check out properly will be fined a $25 Improper Check-Out fee. If you cannot locate a student staff member to check you out, contact the Student Development Office. Do not leave without checking out properly.
  • Failure to turn in the same keys issued to you at the beginning of the year will also result in a fine ($50 for room key; $100 for building key to cover costs of re-coring locks). If keys are returned after lost key charges have been assessed, the charge will be removed except for a late return fee of $25 per key.

Late Check-In

In exceptional circumstances and upon written request, the Residence Life Office will hold a housing assignment until the Friday after Financial Registration. It is the student's responsibility to notify the Residence Life Office in advance if the usual move in date cannot be met. Students who fail to notify the Residence Life Office will forfeit their reserved space.

Residence Life

Pfeiffer offers a variety of residence hall experiences, with residences for men only, women only and co-ed living. Each residence hall floor is managed by a resident assistant (RA), a student leader who has demonstrated his or her desire to make a positive impact on the Pfeiffer community as well as to serve the University's population of more than 500 resident students. RAs are overseen by Quad Directors senior residence life representatives with peer-leadership skills.

Quad Directors (QDs)

QDs are senior level undergraduate students who are trained as peer supervisors to the Resident Assistant (RA) staff. A QD is always on call to manage such issues as helping a student who is locked out of his or her room or mediating a conflict between roommates. They are also responsible for motivating those they supervise to perform their duties optimally.

Our residence halls are split into four distinct quads:

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2014-2015 Residence Life Staff