Nursing-Degree Requirements

In addition to the General Education requirements, the following prerequisite nursing requirements must be taken.  

Chem 210 General, Organic & Biochemistry

PSYC 202

Intro to Psychology

BIOL  324

Principles of Microbiology

PSYC 222

Statistics & Data Analysis

EXSC 300


PSYC 295

Psych. Dev. Across the Lifespan

EXSC 303

Human Anatomy and Physiology I

EXSC 312 Human Anatomy and Physiology II    
NURS 201 Introduction to Professional Nursing Practice



NURS 310

Healthcare and the Aging Population (Counts as Activity Course)


Upper-level Nursing Courses

NURS 312

Foundations and Concepts for Professional Nursing Practice

NURS 410

Nursing Care of Adults II

NURS 314

Therapeutic Communication for Diverse Cultures

NURS 412

Psychiatric/Mental Health Nursing

NURS 316

Health Assessment

NURS 414

Introduction to Nursing Research

NURS 318

Pharmacology for Nursing

NURS 416

Community Health Nursing

NURS 320

Nursing Care of Adults I

NURS 418

Nursing Leadership Values, Trends and Perspectives

NURS 322

Nursing Care of the Childbearing  and Childrearing Family

NURS 501

Transition to Professional Nursing: Senior Internship

NURS 324

Healthcare Policy and Economics

NURS 510

Synthesis for Professional Nursing Practice



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