Wick S. Sharp Learning Center

th wickNamed for a former Pfeiffer president especially committed to the notion that higher education be available to all students with a desire to learn and who are willing to work, the Wick S. Sharp Learning Center, located a 1/2 floor above the cafeteria, offers a variety of academic and support services to help students achieve success in college.
This commitment continues today. Dedicated to honoring the innate value of all learners, the Learning Center provides academic support to assist in traditional students' transitions from high school and the same for nontraditional students as they arrive from community colleges or the workplace. The Learning Center provides academic support throughout the entire "Pfeiffer Experience” as students prepare for graduate and professional schools.

Programs that reinforce basic skills, supplement classroom instruction, and allow students to pursue areas of personal interest  help students ease the academic transition from high school to college by helping them find an efficient approach to studying; sharpen writing skills; increase reading comprehension, vocabulary, and speed; manage math and test anxiety; and improve class performance.

Resources offered:

• Learning specialists to provide counseling and instruction in reading, writing, math, and study skills
• Free tutoring services by certified tutors
• Videotape instruction for basic algebra
• Supplemental Instruction (S.I.) for high risk courses
• English Proficiency Exam review
• Graduate exam preparation; i.e., Praxis, GRE, LSAT, MCAT, GMAT
• Workshops on time and stress management, test taking, study skills, study abroad and other topics
• Special needs assistance (Kurzweil reading system available for visually impaired, international, and learning 
  disabled students)

About Wick S. Sharp

Throughout the economic despair of the Great Depression, Wick S. Sharp, who was President of Pfeiffer Junior College 1933-43 and considered by many to be the “Father of Pfeiffer College," maintained faith that the doors of higher education should remain open to all students who desired to learn and were willing to work to further their dreams. Through creative and far-sighted cooperative work and academic programs, Pfeiffer College helped students overcome often formidable obstacles to continue their academic progress.

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