Center for Outdoor Leadership Brings Live Falcons to Misenheimer Campus

falconry hunt cropped resizedOn Sun., Feb. 19, 30 Pfeiffer students, faculty and administrators participated in the Center for Outdoor Leadership's Falconry Hunt at Gibson Lake House and the surrounding Pfeiffer property.  Five falconers offered demonstrations by peregrine falcons, redtail hawks, a goshawk and kestrel hawk, with Larry Dickerson, president of the North American Falconer Association, presenting a comprehensive program about falconry.

Coordinated by student trip  leader Ricky Romanek, the program brought to life the impressive splendor of the Pfeiffer mascot. . According to Dr. Luke Dollar, biology professor and director of National Geographic's Big Cat Initiative, “The program was a homerun in terms of educational quality and engaging students in learning.”

“I never knew there was so much to know about falconry,” said Dr. Russ Sharples, vice president of student development. “The strength and power of the falcon is representative of the Pfeiffer spirit, and our students would certainly benefit from participating in more of these engaging, experiential education programs.”

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