Program Design

shoebox resizedResidential Component

Students reside together in a shared learning environment (Cline Residence Hall) that promotes academic focus, community engagement, servant leadership, and intellectual, social, and personal development. Cline Residence Hall is substance-free. Students must continually hold at least a 2.75 GPA.

Peer-To-Peer Learning

Students will develop social interaction and development skills by working together to create a leadership structure within the residence hall.

  • Residence Hall Governance– Students in Cline Residence Hall will form their own democratic government, elect their own representative leaders, build their own community, and determine how to effectively spend their programming budget.
  • Community Living Guidelines-Students actively participate in creating and upholding their own community living guidelines for residents (not to conflict with Office of Residential Life rules and regulations).(not inclusive)

Community Engagement

Students will participate in fun events that promote community in the residence hall. This list is not inclusive on purpose as the students will determine what activities the residents want to engage in.

  • Cline Book Club
  • Cline Servant Leadership Podcast
  • Cline Improv Group

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