Mission and Values


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The Center for Outdoor Leadership is committed to providing experiential education programs using outdoor adventure experiences and experiential leadership development programs to further the liberal arts experience of students, faculty, and community members of Pfeiffer University.  We provide diverse opportunities to expand horizons through personal growth, social interactions, environmental service work and environmental understanding.

  • COL supports the University's mission of developing servant leaders by providing opportunities for students to serve as student trip leaders and facilitators, engage in service programs to take care of our environment and participate in experiential leadership development programs to educate members on the concepts of leadership, relationship, communication and team. COL fosters the development of leadership skills and outdoor ethics in student trip leaders and facilitators.
  • COL is a resource for students, faculty, staff and the great Pfeiffer community to participate in and learn from various experiential education programs.
  • We engage participants in the experiential learning cycle using hands-on activities.
  • We engage people in meaningful and challenging experiences to address individual, leadership, community and environmental issues with a goal of increasing their capacity to serve.
  • We promote environmental stewardship through the practice of Leave No Trace principles and an environmental service experiences.
  • We attempt to provide safe experiences following the industry standards of Association for Challenge Course Technology, American Mountain Guide Association, American Canoe Association and Wilderness Medical Associates.



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