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Student COL Leaders

Matt Lattis

Matt Lattis – Director for the Center of Outdoor Leadership
As the new Director of the Center for Outdoor Leadership, I enjoy the direct involvement of experiential educational practices that students have with our programs. COL has been successful do to student involvement and the staff that represent our program. We will continue to grow our legacy, while focusing on our mission in the great outdoors. Coming from a guiding and adventure education background, I have worked as an instructing with programs such as Outward Bound Wilderness and the Wilderness Educations Association, to programs like Indiana University Outdoor Adventures. 28 days in the backcountry and having to bivouac (to sleep exposed) on a mountain side are attractive vacations for me. My heart is in the mountains and I find God in the backcountry. Although I am not from here, I have found it easy to already call North Carolina a place like home. I am excited about my future at Pfeiffer University and look forward to many new adventures. or call (704) 463-3189

Brittney Erickson

Brittney Erickson
Hey there, I am Brittney Erickson. I am currently a Nursing major. I have lived all around the world from England, to Georgia, to Arizona, to Okinawa Japan, and of course now here North Carolina. I currently live in Pinehurst, NC. where my wonderful family is; mom, dad, and brother. I also have two dogs Sully and Gypsy, two cats Marshmallow and Cali, and a fish named Thomas. I like to read, love to scuba dive, and like to try almost all new things (other than food). I joined COL to be involved with a team who tries new things, goes on adventures, laughs, and makes memories while doing such!

Abbie Goodman resized

Abbie Goodman
My name is Abbie Goodman and I am a junior nursing student from Richfield, NC. As long as I can remember I have always loved being outdoors and I believe that this is the main reason that I became involved in COL here at Pfeiffer. I believe that while in college having an outlet to do the kinds of activities that COL offers can be very beneficial to students as they are learning to deal with the stress of college. I think that my favorite outdoor adventure would be whitewater rafting which I have been involved with for several years. Another outdoor adventure that I have got involved with this year that I have really enjoyed is going on rock climbing trips. The thing that I really love about the Center for Outdoor Leadership is that they really want to get students to try new things and to step out of their comfort zones.

 Matt Humphries

Matt Humphries
I am Matthew Humphries, a sophomore at Pfeiffer University planning to major in Accounting with minors in Business Administration, Financial Fraud and Computer Information Systems.  Originally from the small town of Shelby, NC I spent my childhood outside.  Many of my memories of the outdoors stem from Boy Scouts where I learned important information about the outdoors and experienced many great opportunities.  After obtaining my Eagle Scout Award and starting at Pfeiffer I found my way to the Center for Outdoor Leadership, which has allowed me the opportunity to expand myself as a leader and participant in our outdoor experiences.  I enjoy working with the Center for Outdoor Leadership because our goal is to provide trips that students are interested in, while learning about nature and soaring to new personal heights.  Come join the Center for Outdoor Leadership on a trip and see what I am talking about!



Nick Janes
My name is Nick Janes but my nickname around campus is “Boo Boo”, I am a Junior majoring in Computer Information Systems specializing in networking. I am originally from Calgary, Alberta Canada, but now live in Raleigh, NC. I found my way to Pfeiffer for soccer with an athletic and academic scholarship. I am heavily involved on campus but I took interest in the COL program to expand my knowledge of my surrounding environment no matter the location and to explore different outdoor activities. In turn I have been able to become a better  leader, develop the needed skills to be successful, and spiritually grow.

 Caleb Sanders

Caleb Sanders

My name is Caleb and I am a new COL Leader and Facilitator this year. I’m currently a sophomore here at Pfeiffer and a pre-nursing student. I was born and raised in Eastern, North Carolina were the swamps surround you and the ocean is a short drive away. Living here has opened me up to being completely comfortable with the North Carolina backwoods. I am excited to see what COL and its many adventures have to offer me. 


Lindsay Sisco resized

Lindsay Sisco

My name is Lindsay Sisco, I am a junior originally from Tampa, Florida but currently live in Asheboro, North Carolina. At Pfeiffer I am currently studying to get a bachelor in science and nursing. I have been interested and involved in COL since the beginning of my freshman year. I have always enjoyed the outdoors since I was little. I have grown up doing outdoor activities with my family, from camping, hiking whitewater rafting, snorkeling in the keys, and fishing in the Atlantic. I have also have been in loved in outdoor activities over the summer including canoe camping, rock climbing, and horseback riding. In short I have always been curious to explore the world around me and meet new people. I believe you can learn many things form the details that make the world around us and the people we have the chance to meet.

A favorite quote of mine to describe my joy in the outdoors is "A tree is not just a tree, and a bug is not just a bug, and a bird not a bird. Everything you see is like a tapestry-with secrets of time, complexities unseen, and beauty incomprehensible, but all known by the one who held the thread and needle who wove them into place."










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