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Payment Plans

An interest-free monthly installment plan is available for the payment of tuition, room, or board due at the time of registration. Any balance not paid by the student and not paid by financial aid may be placed on this installment plan. This unpaid balance can be divided by the number of months in the appropriate plan. This determines the equal installment amount that will be due monthly to satisfy the balance owed.

If additional financial aid is received after the plan has been established, the student must inform the Business Office so that the proper adjustments can be made to the plan.

If additional charges for tuition, room or board are applied the account after the plan has been established, the student must either pay for this additional amount outside the plan or inform the Business Office so that the plan may be increased to allow for the increased charges.

Early enrollment and establishment of the plan is strongly encouraged. Enrollment fees are assessed by the third-party management company and are payable at the time of enrollment. Late fees will be assessed if payments are not received in accordance with the terms of the plan. Additionally, the management company will terminate your plan due to non-payment. In such a case, the balance owed to Pfeiffer University will be due and payable.

Fall Semester Plan
3-Month Plan August - October
Spring Semester Plan    
3-Month Plan January - March
Summer Semester Plan (beginning Summer 2009)
3-Month Plan April - June
Annual Plan (Undergraduate Only)  
8-Month Plan August - March
9-Month Plan  July - March


The payment plans are structured to permit students that have remained current in the plans to participate in the preregistration opportunities for the next semester. If a student's plan is delinquent, the student will be banned from preregistration.

If a student has not honored prior payment plan terms, Pfeiffer University reserves the right to deny enrollment in future plans.


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