Pfeiffer University Campus

Other Charges

Medical Charges

Charges for medical services provided by the retained physician are assessed to the student’s account.  Pfeiffer University requires that all full-time undergraduate students on the Misenheimer campus have medical insurance coverage and provide carrier information at the beginning of each semester.

Questions regarding the amounts charged should be directed to the Student Services.  

Claims processing against the student’s insurance will be done by Student Services. Any payment received from the insurance company will be applied to the student’s account.  If a credit balance is created as a result of reimbursement by the insurance company, the credit balance will be refunded to the students.  See CREDIT BALANCE REFUND POLICY.

Room Damages

The Director of Residence Life will periodically inspect the residence halls for damages throughout the semester and during the check-out period at the end of the academic year.  Those determined responsible for the damages may be assesses fines.  These fines are imposed and applied to the student’s account by that office.

Disputes regarding the amount or the responsibility should be address to the Director of Residence Life.

Campus Citations/Parking Violations

The Village of Misenheimer Police is the contracted agent of Pfeiffer University to enforce security and University regulations.   Penalties, fines and tickets can be issued to students of and visitors to the Misenheimer campus that violate these rules.

Disputes regarding the amount or the responsibility should be address to the Dean of Students.

Non-Payment of Charges

These charges are assessed throughout the semester and are not included in the monthly payment plans; therefore, out of pocket payments will be required of the student.  Nonpayment of these charges will prohibit the student from participating in the pre-registration process for the next semester and will prohibit the release of transcripts and grades. 

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