Pfeiffer's Partnership Program

Pfeiffer University’s Partnership Program allows current employees of partner businesses and organizations to take advantage of a 20%tuition discount when they enroll in Pfeiffer graduate and degree completion programs. Pfeiffer provides affordable online and seated classroom options that enhance the professional credentials of individuals as well as contribute to an organization’s global preparedness and overall workforce strength.

How do I receive the discount?

When applying, if your employer or organization is a Pfeiffer Partner, list them in the 'employer' field and your discount will automatically be applied.

Am I limited to certain programs or a campus location?

No, all programs and campus locations, including online, are options for you with the discount! Check out our graduate programs, degree completion programs and campus locations.

What do I need to do to get started?

Apply! You can apply online today to take advantage of your Pfeiffer Partner discount!

How do I become a Pfeiffer Partner?

If your business or organization is not a Pfeiffer Partner yet, you can easily become one! Contact the Office of Admissions at or (704) 463-3060.



















































































                                                         Veritas Company is a Partner