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Senior Art Majors Present “Junk in the Trunk” for Culminating Artworks

faded color verticalPfeiffer University’s senior art majors put on a great show on the Misenheimer campus on Wed., April 23 to display their artwork as a prelude to graduation. 
With campus gallery space unavailable this year, students brainstormed with their professor, Joshua Cross, to present a modified version of big-city art sales. For a full day, they presented Junk in the Trunk, an exhibition that allowed each artist to display his or her work in a U-Haul truck.
“The students did a great job of creating their own personal galleries in a space that was visited by almost everyone on campus over the course of the day,” said Josh Cross. “Students, faculty, staff and community members have had a great opportunity to discover the deep well of artistic talent at Pfeiffer.”
The students, who will graduate on May 10, include Annette Lowder, John Borza, Tiffany Edwards, Amber Huskins and Erin West. Their post-graduation plans run the gamut from expanding existing studios to starting work as a professional photographer to applying to graduate school. 

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