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Pfeiffer Athletics Celebrates First Annual All-Sports Banquet

Athletics AwardsPfeiffer athletics hosted the first annual All-Sports Banquet to honor the seniors as well as team MVPs for each sport. President Mike Miller and Athletic Director Bob Reasso addressed the student athletes and assisted in distributing the honors along with Pfeiffer’s Faculty Athletic Representative Ross Braymer.

The banquet consisted of a formal setting in which the 51 seniors were given plaques in honor of their dedication to the university. Each team was awarded a most valuable player who received a bronze falcon trophy.

Listed below are the following honorees:

Cross Country (W): Nina Ubabuike
Cross Country (M): Cody Bivens, Cody Jones
Soccer (W): Natalie Marsh, Leticia Patino, Mandi Roan, Sarah Yates
Soccer (M): Dammy Balogun, Josh Belk, Seth Dey, Ramiro Martinez, Simon Leslie, Also Ramirez, Robbie Rogers, Kyle Toler
Volleyball (W): Jill Maykut, Milana Mervosh, Anna Vizvary
Swimming (W): Vera Defusco, Morgan Dionne, Jillian Kniffen, Brittney Quaranto
Swimming (M): Dustin Brannam
Softball: Celia Dew, Hannah Jackson, Emily Workman
Baseball: Jon Gray, Kyle Hackney, Justin Harris, Kevin Price, Tyler Summers, Matt Wade
Golf (W): Lauren Lyle
Golf (M): JD Lamm
Tennis (W): Kaleigh Featherstone, Brianna Oliver
Tennis (M): Bret Williams
Lacrosse (W): Kristina Anderson, Katherine Athens, Sarah Daly
Lacrosse (M): Spencer Allen, Chris Buckley, Tom Buckley, Zac Clark, Elliot Gilbert, Robert Hope, Hayden Kirk, Devon Menear, James Shepherd, Steven Tilmon
Volleyball (M): Buck Boswell

Cross Country (W): Cori Newton
Cross Country (M): Chris Laughlin
Soccer (W): Kayla Rodriguez
Soccer (M): Nathan Regis
Volleyball (W): Brianna Jones
Swimming (W): Kate Galichenko
Swimming (M): Dima Turkin
Basketball (W): Carter Williams
Basketball (M): AJ Clark
Softball: Hannah Jackson
Baseball: Tyler Summers
Golf (W): Stefania Valgeirsdottir
Golf (M): Nathan Bull
Tennis (W): Olivia Nelms
Tennis (M): Loic Minery
Lacrosse (W): Katherine Athens
Lacrosse (M): Robert Hope
Volleyball (M): Sonny Hirini

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