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Languages and Literature

for lang litWelcome to the Department of Languages and Literature!  Here we teach the literature, writing, and language classes that help students develop their critical thinking, reading, and writing skills.  Our majors learn to engage with the diversity of human experience that enables them to become effective servant leaders in their local and global communities.   

We offer a B.A. in English, a B.A. in Creative Writing and licensure (9-12) for a B.A. in English Education. We also offer a minor in Spanish.

Our faculty offers students opportunities for service learning in our writing and literature courses.  In addition, we also offer study abroad opportunities, including summer exchange programs in China and the Dominican Republic.     

English majors leave the university equipped to enter into a wide array of professions and areas of advanced study, including law, business administration, education, publishing, research, public relations, journalism, advertising, marketing, and education.  In addition, the English major can also be combined with a minor in another discipline, such as communications, history, psychology, or business.  

A number of books discuss the many career opportunities for English majors:

  • Great Jobs for English Majors by Julie De Galan and Stephen Lambert
  • What Can you Do with a Major in English: Real People, Real Jobs, Real Rewards by Shelley O'Hara
  • Careers for Writings and Others Who Have a Way with Words by Robert Bly

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The Pfeiffer Foreign Language Department seeks to apply the necessary learning principles through creative teaching and learning and through its facilitation of service-learning, distance/Internet courses, and study-abroad. The Department also tries to accommodate students wishing to continue study of languages not currently offered. Presently, there are courses in Chinese and Spanish (minor available).

Coursework leading to a minor is available only in the Spanish language. Courses in language are normally taken for either General Education or elective credit. Although there is no specific General Education requirement in foreign language, students are encouraged to broaden their education by taking foreign languages.

Spanish Minor

With Spanish language and Hispanic culture/customs so prevalent today within the United States, and around the world, college and university graduates with proficiency in conversational Spanish and Hispanic culture/etiquette have a distinct advantage intellectually, socially and professionally. Pfeiffer University offers a minor in Spanish language. Within each required course for this minor, students will master Spanish vocabulary pertinent to their major field of study or to their career plans, as well as conversational and reading vocabulary. A minimum of 24 credit hours in mandatory and elective courses are required for the Spanish minor.

Pfeiffer University encourages all of its students to participate in overseas trips and/or study programs, especially those students studying foreign languages and cultures.

 *The Spanish language minor is not available to Spanish-language natives who have completed their secondary schooling in a Spanish-language school.

English (ENGL)

sylvia hoffmire resizedThe English major is designed for the student interested in teaching English in secondary school, attending graduate school in English or preparing for professional programs such as law and business administration. The reading, writing and intellectual skills acquired by the English major are also excellent preparation for students interested in pursuing careers in public service, mass communications, public relations and advertising as well as for the generalist interested in a well rounded liberal arts education. One may pursue licensure to teach high school (grades 9-12) by completing the requirements listed under the English Education major.