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Moving In and Out of Residence Halls

  • moving in photoA Room Condition Report (RCR), recording the exact condition of every item in the room, must be completed and signed by all students and their residence hall assistant upon moving in to a residence hall; it must be submitted to Residence Life within 24 hours. (Failure to comply results in a $25 fine.)
  • When a student moves out of his or her living area, all keys are to be returned. At this time, the condition of all items in the room will be compared to the condition originally described on the RCR. Any damage beyond normal wear and tear will be billed to the individual, or to both occupants in the case of roommates. Charges will be assessed for any furniture that was present at check-in but missing or unaccounted for at check out.
  • Residents will be subject to room repainting charges if the use of tape or other adhesives causes surface damage. Charges for damage caused by nails, thumbtacks, and graffiti or stickers on doors, walls, or furniture may also be assessed to residents.
  • Students who do not check in or check out properly will be fined a $25 Improper Check-Out fee. If you cannot locate a student staff member to check you out, contact the Student Development Office. Do not leave without checking out properly.
  • Failure to turn in the same keys issued to you at the beginning of the year will also result in a fine ($50 for room key; $100 for building key to cover costs of re-coring locks). If keys are returned after lost key charges have been assessed, the charge will be removed except for a late return fee of $25 per key.

Late Check-In

In exceptional circumstances and upon written request, the Residence Life Office will hold a housing assignment until the Friday after Financial Registration. It is the student's responsibility to notify the Residence Life Office in advance if the usual move in date cannot be met. Students who fail to notify the Residence Life Office will forfeit their reserved space.