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MHA 676 / MHA 698 Comparative International Health
General Information

MHA 676 is a required core course in the MHA and Dual Degree MBA/MHA Curricula. MHA 698 is an optional course that students who are enrolled in the Dual Degree MBA/MHA may take in satisfaction of one of the MBA electives.

The requirements for MHA 676 / MHA 698 may be satisfied in one of two ways:

  1. Travelling to either Austria, Canada, England or Germany and actively participating in scheduled presentations and tours related to the health service system of the country being visited. An informal educational journal of approximately 8 – 10 pages in length {double spaced) that includes reflections on presentations and tours will be submitted after the trip is concluded.
  2. Writing a formal paper on an international health topic. The paper must closely adhere to either APA or MLA guidelines. It should be approximately 25 pages in length, double spaced. The topic must be approved in advance by the designated faculty person. It must address either the management or policy aspects of the topic under consideration.

MHA 676 and MHA 698 are three semester courses. Students register one time and pay one time but the referenced journal / paper may be submitted up until two weeks prior to the end of the third semester of registration.

The cost of a given trip is a combination of (1) the established Charlotte Campus tuition rate for the semester of registration and (2) a surcharge (lab fee) that, when added to the tuition, will cover the true costs of the trip. The budget for each trip is computed each year to keep costs down as much as possible. Exact trip costs typically will not be available until about three weeks prior to the orientation session for the trip.

Specific details about each trip are provided at an orientation session that is typically held on the Charlotte Campus approximately a month and a half after the semester of registration begins. Attendance at this session which is held on a Saturday is mandatory.

General details about each trip are as follows:

  1. England is exclusively a fall semester registration.The trip is planned for a period of ten days and it typically begins on a Thursday of the first week of January.
  2. Austria, Canada and Germany are exclusively spring semester registrations. Austria and Germany are eight day trips and Canada is a ten day trip. The trips to Canada and Germany typically take place in mid May. The trip to Austria typically takes place in mid August. Specific departure dates vary from year to year depending on the academic calendar (the trips take place between semesters).

Grades typically are reported within seven days of the receipt of the educational journal or formal paper as the case may be. In all cases grades will be reported no earlier or later than the end of the semester in which the journal or paper is received. This means that grades (depending on when the journal or paper is received) will be reported no earlier than as shown below:

  1. England: End of the Spring Semester
  2. Canada: End of the Summer Semester
  3. Germany: End of the Summer Semester
  4. Austria: End of the Fall Semester

Note that graduation for those who register for these courses at the end of their plan of study cannot occur until the end of the semester shown above. It is not possible for a student who actually travels to receive a grade for the course until the end of the semester following the dates of travel.



For Fall 2011, Pfeiffer University is going to France from October 15-22, 2011.  Download the itinerary.  Email for more information.

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