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Example Plan of Study for MBA/MSL Students

Example Plan of Study for MBA/MSL students

Example only. Your cohort may or may not be following this plan of study.

Semester 1

MBA 601 Organizational Communications
MBA 602 Organizational Behavior

Semester 2

MSL 681 Organizational Leadership
MSL 682 Critical Thinking for Continuous Improvement or MSL 683 Managing a Diverse Workforce

Semester 3

MSL 680 Ethical Behavior and Employment Law
MSL 685 Human Resource Management or MSL 686 Human Resource Development

Semester 4

MBA 604 Managerial Accounting
MSL 687 Organizational Change Management

Semester 5

MSL 688 Change Strategies for High Performance Teams and Organizations
MSL 690 Applied Field Practicum or MSL 679 Global Management

Semester 6

MBA 605 Managerial Economics
MBA 607 Marketing Management

Semester 7

MBA 606 Managerial Finance
MBA 611 Operations Management or MBA 630 International Business

Semester 8

MBA 640 Legal Environment of Business
MSL 689 Negotiations and Conflict Resolution

Semester 9

MBA 608 Strategic Management


Advising Notes:

1. Taking MBA 602 in your first semester is crucial for later success in this program.

2. MBA 608 is the capstone course in the program.

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