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Example Plan of Study for MHA Students

Example Plan of Study for MHA students

Example only. Your cohort may or may not be following this plan of study.

Semester 1

MBA 601 Organizational Communications
MHA 650 Contemporary Health Administration

Semester 2

MHA 675 Health Services Policy
MHA 673 Legal Ethical Environment of Health
MHA 676 Comparative International Health **

Semester 3

MHA 651 Health Economics *
MHA 653 Health Services Marketing
MHA 690 Field Practicum in Health Admin ***

Semester 4

MHA 652 Health Services Financial Management
MSL Selective

Semester 5

MHA 677 Health Services Information Management
MHA 672 Strategic Hlth. Services Management

Advising Notes:

*MHA 651 requires Macroeconomics and Microeconomics as a prerequisite.

**MHA 676 is a highlight of the program wherein students travel to either Germany or Canada between the spring and summer semesters, Austria between the summer and fall semesters, or the United Kingdom between the fall and spring semesters. While on the trip, which averages 10 days, students are exposed to both business and health care operations in the those countries. Cost for the trip is underwritten through a special Pfeiffer University account. Currently, students pay tuition for the course and a supplement to offset remaining travel costs. The course can be taken in either January or May, at any point in the curriculum.

***MHA 690 is an applied field experience (internship) in which individual students undertake a practical work-related project under the general direction of the Program Director and the specific guidance of a field preceptor of the student's selection. There are no classroom sessions per se for this course, and most of the work is accomplished in the field. The course normally is taken during the third semester in the program and may be completed in that semester or within two semesters.

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