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University Studies-Courses Offered

University Studies (UNIV)
UNIV 100 Peer Educators F;S Activity-1 SH
Students may apply for volunteer peer education service in areas such as Health, Careers, Counseling, Student Activities, and Freshman Year Experience. The various programs will require a minimum of fourteen hours of training and fourteen (14) hours of service to fellow students (permission of the appropriate advisor is required). Peer Educators will make class presentations to classes and in the residence halls, as well as help in their assigned areas. May be taken twice for credit.
UNIV 101 Peer Mentors F Activity-2 SH
Students may participate in Orientation and the Pfeiffer journey as mentors to new students. Attendance in a section of the Pfeiffer Journey and meetings with the Program Director will comprise fourteen (14) hours of the total twenty-eight (28) hours. The other fourteen (14) hours will include participation in correspondence with new students over the summer, involvement in student activities, volunteer work with the freshmen, and participation in planned activities for the semester. Prerequisite: Must apply.
UNIV 112 Emerging Peer Leadership F; S Activity-1 SH
This course is designed for freshmen and sophomores who want to assume peer leadership roles during the undergraduate years. Students will develop awareness of basic leadership principles, and will experience group development and leadership processes. The course will help students prepare and plan for effective engagement in campus activities and future leadership roles. Prerequisite: Permission of instructor.
 UNIV 113  Advanced Peer Leadership  S  Activity-1 SH
 The focus of this course is to prepare students for leadership roles at Pfeiffer and after graduation. The course content will focus on leadership and organizational concepts as well as sustainable leadership skills. Content will include leadership theories and authentic practices along with a group based campus/community development project. Prerequisites: UNIV 102. Permission of instructor.  
UNIV 114 Experiential Group Leadership  UD  Activity-2 SH
This course provides an introduction to leading groups through low initiative and team-building experiences, such as group and community building tasks, and games to be implemented in a variety of settings. These will portable and low prop experiences that can be applied to a variety of settings such as the classroom, gymnasium, office, community center, and church. In addition, leadership theory, the experiential cycle,
policies and procedures, safety aspects of experiential group work, and processing skills will be addressed. The class will be experiential with both participation in and leading of a variety of low initiative experiences. Prerequisite: Permission of the instructor.
UNIV 201 Pfeiffer Journey F;S 3 SH
Orientation and adjustments to college life; understanding the goals and core values of a Pfeiffer education, including development as a servant leader and life-long learner, developing skills in personal goal setting, time management and academic decision making; dealing with human relations, exploring possible majors. Emphasis on fundamentals of oral communication will be incorporated. The course is offered in two parts: 2 SH are taken in the fall and 1SH in the spring semester.
UNIV 201 H Pfeiffer Journey (Honors) F 3 SH
Orientation and adjustments to college life; understanding the goals and core values of a Pfeiffer education, including development as a servant leader and life-long learner, developing skills in personal goal setting, time management and academic decision-making; dealing with human relations, exploring possible majors; and beginning to engage in methodologies of independent research. Emphasis on fundamentals of oral communication will be incorporated. Prerequisite: permission of instructor. The course is offered in two parts: 2 SH are taken in the fall and 1SH in the spring semester.
UNIV 209 Seminar in Service and Leadership F; S 1 SH
Students who are participating in the Bonner Leader/AmeriCorps program and Francis Scholars are required to register for this course. The course will focus on developing leadership skills and understanding of needs of community partners. May be repeated for credit.
UNIV 210 International Living Experience F; S 1 SH
U.S. students will host an international roommate for the school year. Both the U.S. student and the international student will have training sessions on cross-cultural communications dealing with diversity, residence hall living, and ethnocentrism. The U.S. student will investigate and prepare a paper on the culture and country of the international student.
UNIV 211 Community Tutoring F;S 1 SH
Pfeiffer students will provide tutoring in reading and other subjects for students in local schools. Students will receive instruction in tutoring and feedback techniques. May be taken twice for credit.
UNIV 212 Community Mentoring F;S 2 SH
Pfeiffer students will receive training as facilitators in human relations issues. They will serve as mentors to designated students and will also be called upon to make presentations in classrooms in public schools. They will be given instruction in the North Carolina Students Teach and Reach curriculum. May be taken twice for credit.
UNIV 220 Academic Literacy F 2 SH
A reading strategies course designed to promote greater vocabulary development, reading comprehension, and reading efficiency. Explores the application of critical reading skills to academic work in mathematics, the natural sciences, the humanities, and the social sciences. Course includes two (2) lab sessions per week. Enrollment is based on placement testing. Students who do not complete this course successfully must re-enroll in the course for the next semester.
UNIV 303 Principles and Methods of Outdoor Experiential Education UD 3 SH
This course provides an introduction to outdoor education through theoretical and experiential examination of land, air, and water outdoor activities. In addition, this course teaches students how to teach outdoor activities and facilitate the post-activity learning process for a variety of clientele. Planning, implementing, and evaluating outdoor experiential activities will be included in this course. Students will be exposed to
theories, principles, and practice of risk management. Prerequisite: Permission of the instructor required. A course fee is required.
UNIV 320 Advanced Academic Literacy  F;S  2 SH
This course is designed to promote reading strategies that identify and analyze the author's purpose, recognize bias, evaluate arguments, identify reasoning errors and evaluate source and authority. Problem solving techniques and decision making skills will be developed through analysis and evaluation of various materials.
UNIV 400  Study Abroad  F;S Summer  12-15 SH
Students who study abroad for a semester, year, or summer school are temporarily assigned to the study abroad coordinator until their course work is completed and the credits are transferred back to Pfeiffer. Study abroad programs must be approved by the Study Abroad Coordinator, student's advisor, the registrar's office, the Academic Dean, financial aid, and the financial office. Credit will be assigned according to the program. Consortium agreements must be signed with cooperating colleges and universities.
UNIV 460 Seminar in American Fine Arts UD 3 SH
Students will explore the significant contributions of American artists to the fields of music, dance, and art. Prerequisites: Junior standing and at least six (6) semester hours from the American Culture required courses.

Academic Affairs

dr espyThroughout its history, Pfeiffer University has not only emphasized academic achievement, but promoted service and a commitment to high purpose and social justice. While at Pfeiffer, students experience a range of opportunities that introduce them to and allow them to address the needs of the community, helping them develop into individuals who understand that they can do well by doing good.

Academically, Pfeiffer offers innovative and relevant instruction that prepares students for careers in a global marketplace. Programs are continually updated to meet the needs of both students and the business community, with whom we partner to gain insight on ever-changing needs and trends. Through an educational model that blends ideology, research and practical application, students learn collaboration through group work, experience real-world problems solving, exercise critical thinking and quantitative reasoning, refine their communication skills and discover the value of civic engagement in a changing society.

Thank you for your interest in Pfeiffer University. I hope that you browse the website to learn more about what Pfeiffer offers and plan to visit soon.

Dr. Tracy Espy
Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs


Welcome to Undergraduate Academics at Pfeiffer.  Please consider making a visit to campus to see for yourself what our community can offer. For more information – whether you are an undergraduate, graduate or working adult seeking to complete a bachelor's degree – please contact us via the web site or by phone.

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