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When and Why Officers Stop and Question

Sometimes it is necessary for police officers to stop a person and make an inquiry such as:

  •       What is your name?
  •       What is your address?
  •       Do you have any identification?

The Misenheimer Police Department strives to provide service to everyone in the community fairly and equally.This page explains what to expect if a police officer stops you for questioning and also provides some guidelines on how to respond to the questioning process. This is not a legal advisory. 

Why Questions?

When police officers question a person, there are underlying reasons. They may be checking on a complaint phoned in by someone in the community. They may have received a report of criminal activity, and your presence might indicate that you are a potential witness who would could provide valuable information in an investigation. In some cases, an officer may think you are having trouble and need assistance.

The best way for them to clarify the situation is to ask questions. Officers have a responsibility to properly investigate all situations. Their questions are not necessarily an accusation, and your cooperative response can alleviate potential conflict.

If the Police Stop You on the Street

Problems may arise when it appears an officer has stopped to question you for no reason at all. Time may be crucial in investigating a possible crime, and police officers are trained to evaluate a situation and act if they have a reasonable suspicion that you may be involved in an incident.

About the Department


The Misenheimer Police Department takes its commitment to the safety and well being of Pfeiffer's students, faculty, and staff very seriously.

The Police Department is charged with ensuring safety and law enforcement on Pfeiffer's campus and the surrounding village of Misenheimer. The department employs one Chief and several commissioned police officers.

Police officers must successfully complete the State of North Carolina commissioning program at an approved police academy.  The training curriculum includes courses in criminal law and procedures, patrol and investigation techniques, firearms, first aid and physical training.  Mandated and selective annual in-service training programs are used to update and enhance the professional skills of the officers. 

The Police Department cooperates with local and state law-enforcement agencies in cases involving on and off campus jurisdictions or when another agency can help with an investigation.  Police Officers enforce all state and local laws. Police Officers will respond at the request of the Stanly County Sheriff's Office or other law enforcement agencies to provide assistance if needed.


Public Safety Department Mission Statement

Mission Statement
The Misenheimer Police Department will work with the community and other law enforcement agencies to provide quality law enforcement services that address all law enforcement, safety and security needs in the Village of Misenheimer.

Primary Goal
Our goal is to provide the community an environment in which one can live, work and study without fear of criminal activity.

Our vision is to advance the Misenheimer Police Department to its highest level of law enforcement professionalism and service.

Core Values
Problem Solving Skills

To be a police officer is a noble endeavor. It is the profession that encompasses a multitude of challenges, and requires a like number of talents to meet those demands.

As such, officers of the Misenheimer Police Department hold strong to the highest expectations of integrity, professionalism and problem solving skills.

The Department's public safety role insures that members of the community enjoy a high degree of protection from personal harm and a high degree of security for their property. This protection is manifested in round-the-clock patrol of the Village of Misenheimer and University campus, crime prevention and personal safety awareness programs, and constant attention to the correction of potentially hazardous conditions.

With regard to campus safety specifically, one of the Department's important responsibilities rests with the campus physical facilities and the property within them. Security checks of facilities, interior and exterior, are maintained in order to achieve the maximum protection necessary for each building. The operating condition of all locks and security hardware is monitored with every check; defects are reported promptly.

Another important part of the Department's overall purpose is service to the community. Not only does this include emergency assistance, but general services which may be required by Village residents, academic or administrative departments.

In fulfilling its public safety responsibilities the Department strives to insure that the peace and order of the Village and University community is maintained at all times.

Misenheimer Police Officers

Chief Erik S. McGinnis (500)

Captain John Brady (501)

Sergeant Luke Hatley (503) 

Officer Kenneth Helms (504)

Officer Rick Collins (505)

Part-Time Cpl. Danny Belcher 

Part-Time Officer Tracey Wyrick (512)

Village of Misenheimer Police Department

The Misenheimer Police Department is located behind Goode Hall and Cline residential hall on North

Erik McGinnis2

           Chief Erik McGinnis
Campus. To travel to the office turn from Hwy 52 beside the US Post Office and travel the road around Cline Hall. The police department will be located on your left.

Pfeiffer and Misenheimer Community Members:On behalf of the members of the Village of Misenheimer Police Department, I extend to you our warmest welcome. I hope that this Misenheimer Police web page assists you in learning more about the department and the many different areas of responsibility placed upon our agency.

Please take the time to explore our crime statistics page. This page includes a detailed accounting of crimes statistics and criminal incidents that have occured on Pfeiffer University's main campus in Misenheimer, NC. These statistics are listed for the last three years and will assist you in learning more about the Pfeiffer community. Be assured, the Misenheimer Police Department Administration and officers, Pfeiffer's faculty and staff, students, and the entire Pfeiffer community take the issue of campus safety very seriously. Having embraced the philosophy of Community Oriented Policing, the department works hand-in-hand with the Misenheimer and Pfeiffer Community to identify and eliminate problematic areas. In line with the Community Oriented Safety Philosophy, officers within the department seek community input and feedback, conduct training classes, patrol the Village of Misenheimer and the Pfeiffer campus 24 hours a day, and provide the safest environment possible for all members of the community. A vital program within the department on Pfeiffer's campus is our Residential Officer Program. This program places officers within the residential halls more often and allows residential students more access to a campus police officer 24 hours a day.

I also personally welcome you to Pfeiffer University and the Village of Misenheimer. I am an alumni of Pfeiffer (Criminal Justice '10) and I can assure you that the Misenheimer Police Department will be a proactive agency to always keep Pfeiffer the safest campus possible. It is my goal as the Chief of Police to provide Misenheimer and Pfeiffer the most effecient, educated, proactive, and community oriented police department possible. As stated previously, our officers have embraced the Community Oriented Policing philosophy and have taken pride in providing citizens, students, faculty, and staff the safest environment in which to live, learn and grow. If you have any community concerns, needs, or would just like to discuss other issues, please feel free to contact me via e-mail at, or by phone at 704/463-3001.    

Erik S. McGinnis '10
Chief of Police
Village of Misenheimer