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Program Mission Statement

The mission of the human relations program is to prepare students to become culturally competent professionals who bring global awareness to the local community. The human relations program promotes effective communication and capacity to build relationships in a variety of personal and professional contexts. By embracing intentionality and strong work ethics, human relations graduates will display characteristics of effective servant leadership and demonstrate a commitment to lifelong learning.

Approved Free Electives related to HMRL

COMM 300 Career Life Planning
COMM 350 Relational Communication
PSYC 420 Group Process
COMM 380 Theories of Communication
PSYC 226 Behavior Problems
COMM 414 Conflict Transformation
PSYC 430 Psychology of Children and Adolescents
COMM 353 Issue of Diversity in a Globalized World
PSYC 423 Psychology of Adult Development
and Aging
PSYC 425 Counseling
COMM 360 Organization Communications
SOCY 204 Social Problems
SOCY 206 Sociology of the Family
SOCY 450 Race and Ethnic Relations
BUAD 430 Organizational Behavior
HA 405 Medical Communications
SOCY 425 Sociology of Death and Dying

Human Relations-Major Coursework

1st Semester
MFT 301 Dating, Marriage and Interpersonal Relationships
PSYC 295 Psychological Development Across the Lifespan
2nd Semester
MFT 302 Systems Foundations of Relationships
MFT 323 Psychology of Adjustment
3rd Semester
MFT 325 (WI) Introduction to Research Methods
MFT 330 Personal Wellness in Modern Society
4th Semester
MFT 403 Skills for Relationships
MFT 450 (WI) General Ethics & Morality
5th Semester
MFT 520 Human Sexuality
PSYC 421 (WI) Personality
MFT 530 Internship in Human Relations

Human Relations-Core Curriculum Coursework

Human Relations Majors are required to complete the following courses.  If students receive transfer credit for any of the following courses, they are required to take an approved HMRL elective.

  • Literature/Language (6 SH)
  • History/Political Science (6 SH)
  • Music/Art/Theatre (3SH)
  • Natural Science Sequence (8 SH)
  • Religion (3SH)
  • Philosophy (3 SH)

Human Relations - Admission Requirements

To apply for admission into the human relations program at Pfeiffer University, the following are required:

  • A completed Pfeiffer University undergraduate application for admission with application fee.
  • An A.A., A.S. or AAS degree or approximately 45-64 hours of acceptable transfer credits. 
  • A minimum entrance GPA of 2.5
  • Official transcripts from all colleges or university attended. To be accepted, these must be sent directly from the institution that the candidate attended.

 (To qualify as a full time student, 12 semester hours are required in fall/spring and 6 semester hours are required in the summer.)

The HMRL curriculum is designed for degree completion and will include 33 SH of HMRL major courses and between 23-42 SH of general education/approved elective courses. The HMRL track will allow students transferring 58-64 SH of transfer credit to complete their degree in 5 accelerated semesters. Students transferring with less than 58 SH of transfer credit will be required to take additional coursework to fulfill general education and major requirements.