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Sophomore Retreat

group campDate: August 16-18
Location: Camp Caraway, Asheboro, N.C.
Cost: All expenses paid

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This is a renewing camping experience with fellow sophomores to prepare for the school year with reflection, challenges and fun.

While we cover so many things to connect you to the university experience and to the Pfeiffer community in your first year, we believe that a pause at the beginning of your second year would be a welcome way to renew your commitment to yourself and your future. We now offer the sophomore retreat to strengthen the Pfeiffer Journey to allow the time and space to consider your needs for this second leg of the journey.

Join us in this pilot retreat! After checking into your room, you will escape to Camp Caraway only 40 minutes from campus.

Let us know as soon as possible if you would like to be among the first group to participate in the sophomore retreat! We will only be able to accommodate 25 in this first-time event.

For more information, contact:

Deborah Burris
Assistant Professor of Communication
(704) 463-3358

Peer Mentors


Amanda Baynard  Ashley King  Bethany Hagopian
Amanda Baynard Ashley King Bethany Hagopian

Brianna Jones

Cassidy Wilson Christie Baran
Brianna Jones Cassidy Wilson Christine Baran
Katherin Deeck Kevin Ecklund Kimmy Goodell
Katherine Deeck Kevin Ecklund Kimmy Goodell
Lukas Janes Mark Goods Mary Brown
Lukas Janes Mark Goods Mary Brown
Nick Janes Robbie Rogers  Whitney Jaffe
Nick Janes Robbie Rogers Whitney Jaffe

Fall and Spring Programs

Fall Programs

New Student Orientation
Orientation at Pfeiffer begins just before the start of each semester and allows new students the opportunity to get acquainted to campus, meet new friends, finalize registration, prepare for classes, and find out about all that Pfeiffer has to offer.


First-Year Seminar
The first year experience course offered to all incoming students preparing them for ongoing academic success and successful transition into the Pfeiffer community.  This graduation requirement is offered with a 2-hour course in the fall focused on self-exploration and academic preparation and a 1-hour course in the spring focused on choosing a major and preparing for a career.  Each student will be matched with both a Mentor who serves as a faculty advisor and a Peer Mentor who supports each student both inside and outside of the classroom.

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This community-wide formal event takes place wihtin the first month of the fall semester and serves to officially welcome the freshman class into the Pfeiffer Community.

 Students 1

 Spring Programs

Accepted Student Day
Twice a year, students who have been accepted to Pfeiffer are given the opportunity to visit campus and take the first steps to becoming an official member of the Pfeiffer community. To register for our next ASD event, visit the Admissions page.

During this one-day event, typically ocurring in April and July, students complete:
  • Student ID Card Photos
  • Campus Tour, including Residence Halls
  • Individual Academic Advising Preparing Class Schedule
 Chapel Exterior

On the last day of class in the spring semester, the entire campus community comes together to celebrate the successful completion of the first year of college life for the freshman class.


FYE Information

The Mission of this Program is to transform the First Year Experience (FYE) at Pfeiffer University by providing an inspiring beginning to a successful degree program.  It is a critical year for those who persist in completing their undergraduate degree. 

Our Objectives:

  • Create a connection with all functions at Pfeiffer University and each student beginning with the Admissions Office and ending with the Academic Department that houses your Major.
  • Connect you with highly enthusiastic Faculty and Staff Mentors and Peer Mentors
  • Provide resources to Freshmen and Mentors that will enhance the class experience
  • Conduct ongoing assessment to insure effective orientation and incorporation within the University Community

Helpful Tools:

Academic Advising

The advising process for the first semester Freshman:

  • Once a student has been accepted she/he will be notified and will be given choices to attend one of the scheduled “accepted student days”.  Usually these are in April and July. 
  • During this ASD the student will meet with an advisor (this person may or may not be the students' assigned “Mentor”)  to complete their class schedule for the first semester.
  • Upon beginning the first semester the student will be in a Pfeiffer Journey class taught by a Mentor who will serve as the advisor for the first year.  This person will insure that the student is utilizing all the resources available for academic success, will offer help in making decisions about what to major in and will help the student register for the spring semester.
  • By the middle of the second semester the Mentor will meet to verify major and schedule the second year fall semester.
  • The Mentor will notify the Office of the Provost as to what the student is planning to major in and that office will notify the student via email the name of their new academic advisor.  The student should then be directed to the Office of the Provost to officially declare their major.

While some students will have made the decision regarding their choice of major, there are students who remain undecided after the first year.  There are also those who are decided upon acceptance to Pfeiffer and may seek academic advice from this department earlier than the sophomore year.

For the transfer or readmitted students:

These students are assigned directly to a faculty advisor in their declared field of study.

Advising References:

Pre-Registration Guide - For help with academic advising terms and procedures

Deciding Your Major - Although choosing a major is not essential for your first year, this contains information about selective the right major and planning your career pathway.

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Guide to Pfeiffer Technology


My.Pfeiffer is a university web portal for students, faculty, advisors and administration allowing access to the university student information system and other campus resources including your admissions status, financial aid status, and billing information. You can also register for classes:

username: Student ID Number (included in your admissions letter)
password: assigned in your admissions letter

Student E-Mail

All Pfeiffer students are assigned a University email account and are required to use it for official correspondence. The naming standard for student email addresses is first initial + middle initial (if available) + last name + last three digits of student ID number@my.pfeiffer.eduThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . For example, John P. Doe with student id 10123 would be jpdoe123@my.pfeiffer.eduThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .
Check your email online at

Windows Live ID: Your entire Pfeiffer email address including
Initial Password: Your My.Pfeiffer password (included in your admissions letter)


Pfeiffer uses Blackboard for its online learning system. It is used for both online and in-class courses, so you need to know how to login:

username: Student ID Number (included in your admissions letter)
password: Your My.Pfeiffer password (included in your admissions letter)

Technology Assistance Center - Click or call 24/7!  Pfeiffer University's Department of Information Technology has established the Technology Assistance Center (TAC) is available 24/7, providing technology assistance in a variety of ways. If you have any questions or need any assistance please give us a call at (704) 463-3002.
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Additional Resources


Academic Support

Counseling Services

New Student Orientation

Student Life

Residence Life

Village Church of Pfeiffer

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