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With over 30 student groups to choose from, there is something for everyone here at Pfeiffer.  In addition to regular meetings, our student groups create and implement many of the programs held on campus each semester – events like music concerts, video game tournaments, lecture series, pep rallies, dances and much more.The more you get involved in campus life the more you will benefit from your educational experiences – both in and outside of the classroom.  Most importantly, you'll have fun while you meet friends, develop new skills, work as part of a team, set and achieve goals, and so much more – all qualities that will help you succeed in your post-college career.  Join a Student Organization Today!Check out the Student Organization Directory below!  If you don't see something that interests you, you can always create a new organization.  To learn more about starting a new student group, please check out the Student Leader Handbook or contact the Director of Student Involvement. Student Organization Directory

Fellowship of Christian Athletes



To bring Pfeiffer students together to learn more about Jesus in an informal setting.

Faculty/ Staff Advisor:
Sarah Denton
Student Representative:
Katherine Athens


To learn more about FCA, please visit the FCA Network.

Silent Voices Signing Dancers


To glorify God in the art of dance and sign language to the community of Pfeiffer University and wherever God leads in ministry

Faculty/ Staff Advisor: Robin Listerman
Student Representative:
Emily Smith






InterClub Council (ICC)


To develop channels of cooperation and communication between the clubs. We hope that the ICC will create strategies for pooling resources and talents of the various clubs in joint ventures.

Faculty/Staff Advisor:
Sarah Denton
Student Representative: Emily Smith


International Business Club


To provide students with interactive ways of enhancing their understanding of issues related to international business while serving as a resource for students to explore and pursue international internships and full-time jobs

Faculty/Staff Advisor: Chris Howard
Student Representative:
Chad Nicholson


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