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Business Management & Leadership - Concentrations

Entrepreneurship and Supervision Concentration (15 SH) from:
BMAL 471 Organizational Change
BMAL 201 Principles of Business
BMAL 331 Risk Management and Insurance
BMAL 461 Management of Human Resources
COMM 345 Business Communications

Finance and Banking Concentration (15 SH) from:
BMAL 331 Risk Management and Insurance
ECON 421 Money and Banking
ACCT 310 Cost Accounting
BMAL 332 Investments
ECON 325 Public Finance

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Business Management & Leadership - Course Descriptions

BMAL 201 -  Principles of Business   (3 SH)
A survey of the major functional areas of businessaccounting, human resources and organizational theory, marketing, finance and operations managementas well as the legal, risk, and social responsibilities related to the business environment. Emphasis will beplaced on learning the language of business.

BMAL 241 -  Marketing   (3 SH)
(WI) Marketing organization and methods with emphasis on the social and economic aspects of distribution; consumer problems; marketing functions and institutions; marketing methods and policies. This is a writing intensive course.

BMAL 251 -  Business Law I   (3 SH)
Legal concepts evolved through government regulation, administrative agencies, environmental law and community planning, consumer protection, and contracts.

BMAL 261 -  Principles of Management   (3 SH)
The study of management principles and techniques for all fields of business including business objectives, policies, functions, leadership, organization structure and morale, operative procedures.

BMAL 271 -  Survey of Leadership (3 SH)
This course is built on the premise that leadership is a dynamic process. Students will: (1) explore leadership's multifaceted process; (2) broaden their understanding of the implications of effective leadership in their specific career choice; (3) examine the role of ethical behavior in both leadership and management; (4) discuss the process of change and leadership's role as “change agent”; (5) apply leadership and learning theories to the process of experiential training.

BMAL 301 - Ethics in Business   (3 SH)
Application of the principles of philosophical ethics to the business community; philosophical ethics to such concerns as morality in advertising, environmental issues, values in economics, values of common good, and the role of the state in business practice.

BMAL 311 -  Business Statistics   (3 SH)
General principles and concepts of statistical methods; descriptive statistics; probability, sampling and estimation and hypothesis testing; regression and correlation, time series. Computer software packages applied.

BMAL 331 -  Risk Management and Insurance   (3 SH)
Principles of risk; methods of handling self-insurance; principles of insurance and application to life, property, & casualty insurance.

BMAL 332  - Investments   (3 SH)
Fundamental principles of investment; analysis of financial data; types of securities; security market operations and portfolio planning.

BMAL 371 -  Organizational Behavior   (3 SH)
The study of the managerial consequences of behavioral concepts and the environmental variables.

BMAL 381 -  International Business   (3 SH)
The role of the international manager with regard to the environment of international business; topics include international management, international marketing, cross-cultural management, and the role of multinational corporations.

BMAL 432 - Financial Management   (3 SH)
Principles and practices of business and corporate financing; sources of capital; administration of working capital items; budgeting; and control, expansion, and treatment ofearnings.

BMAL461 -  Management of Human Resources   (3 SH)
The study of the objectives, functions, and organization of human resource programs. Emphasizes job evaluation, selection and placement, education and training, safety and health, employee services, employee relationships, industrial relations, and personnel research.

BMAL 471 -  Organizational Change   (3 SH)
This is the capstone course for the Entrepreneurship and Supervision concentration. This course prepares students in the processes of planning, managing, evaluating, and leading organizational change which confronts every employee in today's business world.Students will explore the forces that are driving organizations to change and survey a rangeof approaches aimed at making organizational change more effective. The course willchallenge
students to dig deeper into why organizational change is often so difficult, how organizations institute and institutionalize change, and what organizations might look likein the future.

BMAL 491 -  Business Strategy   (3 SH)
(WI) The capstone course in business management and leadership which introduces the student to theprocesses and methodologies of strategic management. The case method is employed toenable the student to apply his or her knowledge of all functional areas of business in theanalysis of real-life business cases. This is a writing intensive course. Prerequisite: Must be senior standing.

Business Management & Leadership - Curriculum

The curriculum in Business Administration is designed to develop an understanding of the major functional areas of business -- accounting, economics, finance, marketing, and management -- as well as the techniques of analysis and the problem-solving skills necessary to serve modern society effectively.

NOTE: Transfer credits from four-year institutions are evaluated on an individual basis. Elective credit may be given for those business courses from four-year institutions which also are taught at Pfeiffer at the 400 to 500 level.

Total minimum semester hours needed for the Bachelor's Degree is 120 semester hours (SH) including 42 SH in core courses. Students may choose from a concentration in Money and Banking or one in Entrepreneurship and Supervision. Pfeiffer University at Charlotte's residency requirement is 45 semester hours.

Core Courses (42 semester hours)

ACCT 221 Principles of Accounting I
ACCT 223 Principles of Accounting II
BMAL 241 Marketing
BMAL 251 Business Law I
BMAL 261 Principles of Management
BMAL 271 Survey of Leadership 
BMAL 301 Ethics in Business
BMAL 311 Business Statistics
BMAL 371 Organizational Behavior
BMAL 381 International Business
BMAL 432 Financial Management
BMAL 491 Business Strategy
ECON 221 Principles of Macroeconomics
ECON 222 Principles of Microeconomics

Business Management & Leadership Degree Completion Program


Gain a competitive advantage with Pfeiffer University's bachelor of science in business management and leadership program.

Flexible Format for Busy Students
One of several undergraduate degree completion programs in Charlotte offered at Pfeiffer, the business administration and leadership program is designed to support the needs of working adults through a combination of online and evening classes. At Pfeiffer University, we encourage students to choose the format that works best for them.
You'll learn from faculty with academic credentials as well as substantial, real-world business experience. In addition to our core business and marketing curriculum, you'll choose an area of concentration in entrepreneurship and supervision or finance and banking.

If you're searching for an accredited undergraduate business program, consider Pfeiffer University:

  • Affordable tuition and financial aid for those who qualify
  • Generous transfer policy that allows credit for most courses completed at other accredited institutions
  • Flexible classroom scheduling and online course offerings
  • Opportunity to apply credit from prior learning through life experience, personal study and/or military course work through computerized CLEP tests, challenge exams, and ACE guidelines for credit
  • Eligibility, upon graduation, to apply to Pfeiffer's master's degree programs in business administration, leadership and health care administration

Take the next step in accelerating your career by contacting us today to learn more about Pfeiffer's bachelor of science in business management and leadership program and other degree completion programs.

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