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Philosophical and Christian Ethics-Minor Requirements


18 Semester Hours Minimum 
Required Core-6 SH
PHIL 203  Introduction to Philosophy PHIL 205 Philosophical and Christian Ethics
Four (4) courses selected from the following:
PHIL 301 Founders of Ancient Philosophy PHIL 308 Social Justice and the Common Good
PHIL 304 Introduction to Logic and Critical Thinking PHIL 317 Christian Servant Leadership
PHIL 307 Environmental Philosophy and PHIL 327 Ethics of Globalization
  Ethics PHIL 598 Special Topics in Ethics
    SOCY 408 Social Theory





Sports Ministry

The minor in Sports Ministry is designed for students who love sports, who want to serve God and their communities and seek to combine them. Those who study Sports Ministry may pursue job opportunities with: 

  • Camps
  • Retreat centers
  • Non-profit organizations, such as the YMCA and Boys and Girls Clubs of America
  • Youth Ministries
  • Athletics

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Majors and Minors

The School of Religion offers a number of majors and minors.

Majors Minors

Religion and Practical Theology


Philosophical and Christian Ethics

Sports Ministry

Philosophical and Christian Ethics (PHIL)

Philosophical and Christian Ethics is an interdisciplinary minor that offers students the theoretical resources and practical engagement that will assist them in critically assessing and responding to the ethical dimensions of various social issues in our local communities and broader world. The aim of the minor is to engage students in disciplined and imaginative thinking about their roles as servant leaders and the ways in which they may support social and environmental justice in the world. An integral part of the minor is a connection between philosophical and theological reflection and service in the community.

Students study ethics as a minor along with a major in another subject. Courses within the minor may be taken to fulfill the General Education requirement in philosophy.

Religion and Practical Theology

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Pfeiffer University offers a proud tradition of excellence in preparing students for a life of servant leadership in a variety of Christian vocations. Students interested in church work, missions, seminary, or graduate study in Religion find that Pfeiffer is a great place to start their journey. After completing our program, graduates serve as youth ministers, Christian educators, missionaries, music ministers, camp leaders and conference workers. Others study at some of the nation's premier seminaries and graduate programs, including Yale, Duke and Emory.  

Comprehensive Learning and Experiences

The School of Religion's program is structured for students to build a foundation needed for pursuing the Bible, theology, history and cultural studies. Students interested in Christian education and/or youth ministry specialize in advanced courses related to age-related ministries; those preferring missions and/or graduate/seminary studies specialize in advanced courses related to intercultural studies, Bible, and religion.

All students in the School of Religion complete a semester-long internship as part of their degree requirements. Many students work in churches throughout their undergraduate career. Pfeiffer has connections to a number of churches seeking youth ministers and Christian educators.

An Active Faith Community

As a model church-related University, Pfeiffer offers a way for students to be the church. The Village Church  at Pfeiffer is a congregation operated entirely by students on campus. At Pfeiffer, you are surrounded by a worshipping community of friends who are involved in community service, travel regularly for domestic and international missions, and work in agencies in the community.


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