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Pfeiffer University mourns the loss of Ray Harrington

Beloved Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice and Assistant Softball Coach Will be MissedRay Harrington

Pfeiffer University is mourning the sudden death on March 19 of Ray Harrington, assistant professor of criminal justice and assistant softball coach at the University's Misenheimer campus since 2008.

Mr. Harrington, known on campus as “Coach Ray,” built an impressive career over four decades from combined interests and expertise in criminal justice and education.In addition to serving in the U.S. Air Force from 1967-71, U.S. Coast Guard Reserve from 1978-80, and as an officer in the Greensboro Police Department from 1972-81, he earned an undergraduate degree in Administration of Justice from Guilford College in 1977 and a master's degree in Education from North Carolina State University in 1984.

Prior to his arrival at Pfeiffer, Mr. Harrington served as assistant softball coach for Methodist University, Fayetteville, N.C.; field coordinator for the North Carolina League of Municipalities; education consultant for the North Carolina Community College System; field training specialist in the Criminal Justice Standards Division for the North Carolina Department of Justice; criminal justice department chair for Central Carolina Community College; and consultant for the Southeastern Center for Police Law and Liabilities Management, where he designed computer tutorials for law enforcement training and contributed to the Police Law Journal.

A 2005 recipient of the Order of the Longleaf Pine, one of the most prestigious awards presented by the Governor of North Carolina for extraordinary service to the state, Mr. Harrington demonstrated notable commitment to the community. He is also a 2011 recipient of the Starnes Award from Pfeiffer University, presented to Pfeiffer faculty and staff for significant contributions in academic, service, humanitarian or athletic endeavors.

A multi-campus memorial service, accessible online for Pfeiffer students, faculty and staff unable to attend in person will be held to honor and celebrate the life of Ray Harrington on Wed., March 21, 10 a.m., at The Village Church, located on Pfeiffer's Misenheimer campus, 48380 U.S. Hwy 52N.

Please share your memories or messages to the Harrington family below.

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earney 03/20/2012 (2:52 pm)  
info No0  

Knew you would be proud.

s 03/20/2012 (2:59 pm)  
cousin ray No0  

Great Guy, you can.t say enough about him.

Bill Brophy 03/20/2012 (4:58 pm)  
Coach Ray No0  

Great man. Kind, caring, and compassionate. Wonderful coach who really helped inspire a lot of young people. I feel privileged to have known Coach Ray, and proud to call him a friend. May you rest in peace in the arms of our Lord.

Liz Brophy 03/20/2012 (5:08 pm)  
Coach Ray No0  

Ray was a great man and a great coach...always patient, always soft-spoken, always positive.I know he was the best coach my daughter, Jenn, ever had. He worked with her throughout high school and three years at Methodist. He will be deeply missed and remembered with great fondness.

Jennifer Yurk 03/20/2012 (5:11 pm)  
Coach Ray No0  

Coach Ray was the most caring and compassionate coach I ever had the privilege of playing for. I've known him since I was 13 and he gave me so much valuable insight, not only In softball but in life. I extend my deepest condolences to his family. Coach Ray will truly be missed. The impact you had on my life will never be forgotten, RIP Coach.

Rob 03/20/2012 (6:16 pm)  
Ray No0  

To know Ray was a gift from God.No single person has touched my life and family the way he did.

Lindsey Vicary 03/20/2012 (9:27 pm)  
Ray No0  

Coach Ray was my pitching coach for about 3 years when I was younger, he taught me everything I knew! He was the kindest man/coach I had ever met. Without him working with me for those 3 special years I would not have accomplished the things I did while playing softball. I stopped going to him when he moved and started coaching at Pfeiffer because of the distance, but he always kept up with me. The last email my dad got from him was asking about me coming to play at Pfeiffer last year. He was an amazing coach and touched the lives of many softball players. I will never forget the day he tried to teach me to throw a drop ball, he demonstrated it for me and my jaw dropped..he could throw a mean drop ball. Coach Ray thought more of me than I did myself as a pitcher and I will never forget that. He will be missed by everyone in the softball community and I know I personally will never forget him! RIP Coach Ray

Craig Wilkins 03/20/2012 (10:36 pm)  

a true treasure to anyone that was lucky enough to meet him RIP

Holden Clark 03/20/2012 (11:18 pm)  
Ray Harrington No0  

Luck would have me come across Ray in a chance meeting at the Charlotte School of Law. Myself, along with other classmates were running a trial team competition and Ray graciously brought some students down to volunteer. I had the chance to speak with Ray and learn about him and his interest. That afternoon we talked about topics ranging from baseball to the law. In a moment I had found a friend. Ray and I began working on bringing a trial team to Pfeiffer. Its a shock and great loss to the world. I learned from Ray in our short time that its about leaving an impact on those you encounter. I'll take that lesson with me throughout my life. No matter how short your time with someone, they can really change your life. I appreciate the few moments but the life time of memory.

Margaret 03/21/2012 (5:29 pm)  
Ray Harrington No0  

Part of my life... briefly.
Part of my heart...eternally.
May you be surrounded with God's love and peace.


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