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Pfeiffer students spend spring break participating in service and adventure

col spring breakMost college students go home or to the beach for spring break but seven Pfeiffer students joined two student trip leaders on the Alaska Malamute Service & Adventure Experience sponsored by Pfeiffer's Center for Outdoor Leadership. 

Sophomore Lindsey Sisco, student trip leader and Junior Zach Thompson, assistant student trip leader, led students to Wayeh Kennel located in Spring City, Tenn., which specializes in breeding Alaska Malamutes and training them for work in the show ring, therapy and as house pets. Additionally, the leaders incorporated an educational visit to an aquarium and hiked to the summit of Crowder's Mountain.

At Wayeh Kennel, students met owner Sidney Helen Sachs and began work on two projects:  clearing a tiered embankment and moving two tons of dirt into flower beds. Student continued working on those projects, cut and cleared trees trapped on the exterior fence and set fire to two large burn piles while working with the rescue dogs. Ms. Sachs, Lori Hicks, owner and trainer at Masasyu Alaskan Malamutes Kennel and Michelle Epona Kennel & Trainer, spoke about what it means to own a dog, being a responsible dog breeder, and how that relates to rescuing dogs.

According to trip leader Lindsey Sisco, the most impactful comment came from Lori Hicks.

“She told us a personal story about how she rescued three dogs three days after a fire completely destroyed her home,” Lindsey said. “It was a very moving personal testimony that demonstrated her love for animals.”

After leaving the kennel, students had planned to hike to Bridle Vail Falls in Dupont State Park. However, poor road conditions prevented travel. Instead, the trip leaders quickly developed an inclement weather plan involving an educational visit to the highest rated aquarium in the country, Tennessee Aquarium, located in Chattanooga, Tenn.

“The Outdoor Adventure & Service Experience fits the University's mission of servant leadership perfectly,” said Quinton McKissick, director of outdoor leadership and recreation. “Nine students participating in two days of service on their spring break is not normal practice for college students, and I am very proud of their dedication to serving others.”

Photo Caption: Pfeiffer student and COL Director Quinton McKissick clear trees at Wayeh Kennel located in Spring City, Tenn.

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