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rosemary minyard resizedCelebrating Black History month by promoting continual learning

Dr. Rosemary Minyard, associate professor of economics and finance for the Master's of Business Administration program, is a seasoned faculty member who is highly experienced in the corporate world and the classroom.

Dr. Minyard has over 25 years of experience in the financial services industry, working in a variety of capacities. These experiences have included working for the Congressional Budget Office in National Security International Affairs, Merrill Lynch Capital Markets in Debt Trading Strategy, FDIC/RTC, where she evaluated assets from insured institutions from all over the country and Bank of America Corporate Audit for Global Corporate Investment Banking.

Dr. Minyard planned to teach at the university level once she left the corporate world, and when she came across a faculty opening at Pfeiffer things fell into place.

According to Rosemary, the best part of working in the classroom is constantly learning and growing in the subject she is teaching.

“As an educator, it is necessary to stay up to date on the topics you teach in the classroom,” she said. “You have to learn to look at old things in new ways to stay relevant.”

One subject that Dr. Minyard is continually learning more about is microfinance, the practice of lending small sums to launch income-generating businesses to help the poor become more self-sufficient. This concept appeals to her on an intellectual and social level because it speaks to the possibility of an inclusive economic system.

In an interview with the Charlotte Business Journal, Dr. Minyard explains the appeal of microfinance further: “Microfinance is captivating to people from a charitable perspective because they see how a little bit of money can help the poorest of the poor get a leg-up.”

Dr. Minyard hopes the students she teaches in the MBA program will follow suit by steadily seeking out more information in their areas of interest.

“Learning never stops, and the world is constantly changing,” she said. “Expanding your education beyond your comfort zone is vital to keeping up with the changing world.”

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