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Maximum effort yields maximum results

antonio harveyAntonio Harvey '93 is a prime example of a Pfeiffer student-athlete who accomplished his goals. After 11 seasons of professional basketball—eight in the NBA and three in Europe—he's continued his career in professional sports as an announcer for the Portland Trailblazer, a job he's had for 14 years. Even with a hectic travel season, being a sports announcer is a dream job because it allows him to analyze and study basketball, the sport that has always been a big part of his life.

For as long as Antonio can remember, he wanted to have a professional career in basketball. He just wasn't sure how to make it happen. When he arrived at Pfeiffer, men's basketball coach Bobby Lutz and sociology professor Dr. Anne Byrd, took a special interest in mentoring him and encouraged him to succeed.

Antonio credits much of his success to his time at Pfeiffer, a place he says helped him grow and understand that sacrifices often have to be made in order to achieve success.

“Pfeiffer taught me that without maximum effort it's impossible to have maximum results,” he said. “I learned that people at all levels are equally important and to treat everyone with respect.”

Although his travel schedule makes visiting Misenheimer a challenge, Antonio remains connected to his former teammates and Coach Lutz—and remains a strong advocate for Pfeiffer.

“I had more fun at Pfeiffer than in the NBA,” he said. “It was unlike anything I've ever experienced.”

Antonio encourages prospective college students to consider Division II universities like Pfeiffer, where students have greater playing time and more opportunity to improve. For those student athletes who wish to pursue a career in professional sports, his advice is simple: “Don't let anyone tell you it can't happen.”

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