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Department of Nursing Class of 2014 receives white coats in preparation for clinical training

Class 2014 E3On Fri., Oct. 5, members of the class of 2014 from Pfeiffer University's department of nursing received their white coats in a ceremony marking their preparation for clinical training in the region's hospitals and medical centers.

 Described by Dr. Vernease Miller, interim dean, division of health-related programs, as “an outward symbol of clinical service and the care entrusted to the students by their patients,” the white lab coats were presented in a way unique to any other bachelor of science in nursing program in the region. At Pfeiffer, nursing students receive their white coats in the same manner as pharmacy, medical school and dental school students at other universities to indicate their qualified place alongside their counterparts in the health professions.

“With this milestone, students and nursing faculty are reminded that our work always must be thought-driven as well as skillfully executed,” said Dr. Dianne Y. Daniels, chair, department of nursing. “Critical thinking, a major focus of Pfeiffer's nursing curriculum, is one important factor in delivering high-quality nursing care.”

Photo--Seated: Alexa Mamakos, Joanna Hathcock, Sarah Koon, McKenzie Miller, Amber Cranford, Alexandria Makris, Amanda Josiah, Courtney Efird, Standing: Dr. Vernease Miller, interim dean, health-related programs; Mike Miller, president; Jaquelyn Hill; Savanna Culp; Melissa Roberts; Kasey Cain; Meagan Stout; Jill Maykut; Abby Thompson; Sarah Yates; Dr. Dianne Daniels, chair, nursing program; Dr. Mark McCallum, dean, division of arts and science

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