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Pfeiffer Students Aid Families in the Philippines Affected By Human Trafficking

APRIL 18 - It is estimated that approximately one million women and children are trafficked in the Philippines.  After long conversations and proposals, Pfeiffer students in Dr. Juanita Kruse's Current Events class decided to focus on ways to support families in the Philippines that are directly impacted by human trafficking.

Students studied the causes of human trafficking, researched the effects and presented ways to raise awareness, offer financial support and suggest systematic change to laws related to trafficking.

The class aligned with an organization called Threads of Hope to provide financial support to the Filipino people. Threads of Hope, which was started by Alex Kuhlow in March of 2003, provides support to Filipino families by purchasing their handmade bracelets to be sold in the US.  Alex was on vacation to the Philippines when he noticed small children selling bracelets on the beach.  After investigating this practice, he learned that children are helping to provide for their families by selling trinkets to tourists.  This provides a sustainable income, the lack of which is a major factor for many families who consider selling their children into slavery.  Alex bought $1,000.00 worth of bracelets, which started his ministry.  Threads of Hope not only fosters a sustaining income, but also promotes good nutrition, education, medical care and community development.

If you would like to assist Dr. Kruse's current events class in their efforts to support the Filipino people, contact Joey Lopez at or Tyler Joyner at Checks are accepted and can be made payable to The Village Church; include Threads of Hope in the memo line.

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