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Confucius Institute's visiting Kung Fu masters provide demonstrations during NBA game

Kung_Fu_masters_with_CheerleadersLast month, during halftime of the Charlotte Bobcats and Houston Rockets game at the Time Warner Cable Arena in Charlotte, the audience enjoyed a seven-minute demonstration by the Yandong Shaolin Kung Fu Troupe presented by the Confucius Institute at Pfeiffer University. 

The evening's theme was “Chinese Culture Night,” which integrated Chinese and Western culture. With welcoming applause from the huge audience, the Kung Fu masters entered the court to display the 1,500-year-old tradition of Shaolin Kung Fu, a unique expression of China's Zen Buddhist culture. The masters demonstrated “Animal-Animation-Style Boxing,” “Sword Technique—Chasing the Wind,” and “Shaolin Shuo Demonstration.” The audience was especially amazed by Master Shi Yandong's “Needle through Glass Technique,” one of the 72 Shaolin unique feats.

Shaolin Kung Fu is the largest family system among Chinese martial arts, consisting of more than 700 patterns. It is one of the ways that Shaolin monks practice the art of Zen. It combines Zen Buddhism and Shaolin martial arts exercises. The Shaolin martial arts are known as a precious legacy of Chinese and world culture and are the most culturally representative of the martial arts genre.                                                          

Since ages 5 and 6, these Kung Fu masters, who are visiting from the  Hunan and Shanxi Chinese providences, have trained and competed in China and throughout the world.  The well-respected members of the Yandong Shaolin Kung Fu Troupe are Master Yandong (Yongqing Sun), the group's CEO, and Masters Yunnan Liu, Zhongxu Mu, and Yuehui Yuan. They have all participated in several world-level events on behalf of the People's Republic of China, the United Kingdom, Greece, Singapore, Brazil and many other countries and regions.

After the game, many audience members and some of the cheerleaders stayed to take photos with the troupe.

The Confucius Institute at Pfeiffer University is a non-profit organization located on the university's Charlotte campus. The institute seeks to bring awareness of Chinese language, culture, and business practices to the local communities it serves. For more information on the Confucius Institute at Pfeiffer, please visit or call (704) 879-1659.

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