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Pfeiffer welcomes new students, parents during orientation and move-in

Move_IN_2010_-_webAnnually, nervous students and parents in overstuffed vehicles make the trip to Misenheimer during Pfeiffer University's annual New Student Orientation and Move-In Day. Hundreds from across the country attended orientation and joined campus life, including the move into Pfeiffer's 11 residence halls on Friday, Aug. 13. 

“This is consistently an exhilarating time for our students and their families as well as the Pfeiffer community,” said Dr. Russ Sharples, dean of students. “Pfeiffer students, especially new students, will be making many life adjustments in the immediate future. We are fortunate to have so many dedicated student leaders, staff and faculty to help them on their journey during this extraordinary transition in their lives.”

Pfeiffer's entire campus was abuzz with incoming freshmen and transfer students. School officials welcomed approximately 275 new undergraduates to Misenheimer. Incoming freshmen met new roommates, toured the campus with their parents, met some alumni and worked diligently to make the carload of belongings necessary for a life on their own fit into a single room. Parents hover nearby to assist with heavy objects and fuss over their teenagers for a few last moments. With classes beginning the following week, on Tuesday, Aug. 17, new students will have a few days to adjust to residence life and discover campus.

Campus move-in was filled with excitement and tears as new students begin life away from home and upperclassmen, who will return on Sunday, Aug. 15, will be reunited with the friends who were separated by summer.

Move_IN_2010_-_web2“This has been a very good learning experience," said Melquam Thomas, a freshman residential student from China Grove, N.C., who plans to major in pre-med. "I'm ready for school to begin and am excited to find out what the fall will bring as a new college student attending Pfeiffer."

Like Thomas, parents like Pierre and Paula Johnson of Harrisburg, Pa., are equally excited about the start of school for their son, Lance, who is a music major and member of Pfeiffer's volleyball team.

"We have had a very memorable experience," said Paula Johnson. "It has been hard and exciting at the same time. As parents, we're ready for our children to move on and create lives for themselves, but it's also difficult because we are not here to provide guidance. But we know he will do well."


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