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Alumni News

  • Six Pfeiffer alums were commissioned as deacons in The United Methodist Church, one was ordained a deacon, one was ordained an elder. In the South Carolina conference, two were ordained deacon: Traci Bennett and Karen Kluever. The WNCC secretary said that he believes that is a record for any school and any annual conference
  • Brooke Saunders ‘09and BJ Harris were married on June 20, 2009 in Norwood NC. Brooke is serving as the Director of Youth Ministries at Oak Forest UMC near Midway, NC

  • Emily Horning ’09 is serving as Director of Christian Education and Children’s Ministries at St. Luke’s UMC in Hickory, NC

  • Talina Price Pipes is the manager of the Greensboro Cokesbury Store
  • Jonathan and Shannon LeMaster Smith were married May 24, 2008 at Archdale United Methodist Church; the Rev. Dr. Patty Meyers officiated
  • Sherry Randle got married to Henrik on July 13, 2008 and had a baby in 2009.
  • Robert Willis, YMIN and CMIS, is in the master's in Marriage and Family Therapy at Pfeiffer's Charlotte campus.
  • Robert Overman is working at the Cleveland Clinic
  • April Yow serves as youth and children’s minister at her dad’s church
  • Bob Langjahr, youth ministry grad, is working with Cindy Davenport and her Depth Youth Peace project in Chicago
  • Todd McCullough graduated from Candler School of Theology and is serving in a church
  • Katie Roberts and Nick Van Horn graduated from Duke Divinity School
  • Kristy Burnette '08 and Danny Wilson '08 are at Hood Theological Seminary
  • Jeremy Roseman and Jeff Chewning are at Liberty University
  • Yvonne Hechler '08 is at Methodist Theological School in Ohio
  • Jeremy Morris '09, Patrick Faulhaber '09, Susannah Bales '09, and Drew Hellems '09 are at Chandler School of Theology
  • Nick and Dana VanHorn had a baby daughter Eleanore in 2009

  • Sara Clarke '09 is getting married in fall 2009

  • Kelley and Dan Wheat-Rivers moved to Wilmington NC from California after graduating from Claremont School of Theology


Photo Gallery

 rel_phil_01  rel_phil_02
 2005 CEF Fall Picnic  Economic Justice Seminar, New York City, visit to the United Nations, October 2005
 rel_phil_03  rel_phil_04
 Faculty Exploratory Trip to Mexico (3 school of religion professors on trip), May 2006  Fun in the Chapel, 2006
 2005 Fall Convocation  Outdoor Labyrinth created September 11, 2004 as part of Missions Convocation
 Indoor canvas labyrinth with the help of BGHEM  

Faculty Activities, News, and Publications

Dr. Patty Meyers

Speaking Engagements and Activities


  • Serving as President of the United Methodist Association of Scholars of Christian Education (UMASCE)

Recent Publications

  • Legislation/Resolution for 2008 General Conference of The United Methodist Church, 2009

  • Thresholds into Christian Education, a textbook (forthcoming)

  • You are Welcome Here: A Child’s Invitation to the Lord’s Table, Abingdon Press, (forthcoming)

  • Midrashim: stories inspired by Scripture (forthcoming)

  • Live, Learn, and Pass It On: Growing Together in Faith, 2006

  • “What is Christian Education?” CIE – Christians in Education, Fall 2006

Dr. Laura Stivers

Speaking Engagements and Activities

  • Service-Learning Panel, October 23, 2009 at Pfeiffer University
  • Theological Educators for Presbyterian Social Witness, October 1-4, 2009 in Chicago, IL
  • American Academy of Religion, November 6-10 in Montreal, Canada
  • Society of Christian Ethics, January 7-10 in San Jose, CA
  • Southeast Commission on the Study of Religion, March 5-7 in Atlanta, GA

Noteworthy News

  • New Dean of the School of Religion
  • Elected to be Vice-President Elect of the Southeastern Commission for the Study of Religion 
  • Co-chair of the Pedagogy section, Society of Christian Ethics
  • Finished a manuscript Disrupting Homelessness:  A Christian Response of Hospitality as Justice on sabbatical spring 2009


Recent Publications
  • Making a Home for All in God's Compassionate Community:  A Feminist Liberation Assessment of Christian Responses to Homelessness and Housing,” in Journal of  the Society of Christian Ethics, volume 28.2 (Fall/Winter 2008)

  •  Book Review of The Tangled Bank:  Toward an Ecotheological Ethics of Responsible Participation by Michael S. Hogue, in Dialog:  A Journal of Theology (forthcoming)

  • Editor with Pamela Brubaker and Rebecca Todd Peters, Justice in a Global Economy: Strategies for Home, Community, and World, 2006

  • “A Sense of Place in a Globalized World:  Place-Based Organizing for Corporate Accountability,” in Journal of the Society of Christian Ethics, spring/summer 2007

Dr. Doug Hume

Speaking Engagements and Activities

  • Preach "Job, the Righteous," Sermon for World Communion Sunday, October 4, 2009 at Pfeiffer Chapel
  • Service-Learning Panel, October 23, 2009 at Pfeiffer University
  • Speaking Series on the Meaning of Advent:  Nov. 1, 8, 15; Dilworth UMC
  • Youth Worker Training Event for Western NC UM Conference:  " A People of the Book," January 23, 2010 at Christ UMC in Hickory NC

Noteworthy News

  • Successfully completed Ph.D. at Princeton Seminary in Spring 2009.  Titleof Dissertation:  "Friends of God:  Portrayals of the Early Christian Community in Acts 2:41-47 and 4:32-35."
  • New Chair of the Department of Religion and Philosophy

Recent Publications

  • "Some Works of the Torah” with Charlesworth, Miller, Pfann, Qimron, and Rietz in The Dead Sea Scrolls, Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek Texts with English Translations, Vol. 3., 2006.
  • Book Review: Beverly Roberts Gaventa and Patrick Miller, eds. The Ending of Mark and the Ends of God: Essays in Memory of Donald Harrisville Juel (Louisville: Westminster John Knox) Press, 2005). Summer 2006, Perspectives in Religious Studies.
  • Book Review: Susan Miller, Women in Mark’s Gospel, JSNTSup. 259 (New York: T & T Clark, 2004). Summer 2006, Perspectives in Religious Studies. 

  • Book Review: Charles Talbert, Reading the Sermon on the Mount (Columbia, S.C.: University of South Carolina Press, 2004). Summer 2006, Perspectives in Religious Studies.

Dr. Phil Wingeier-Rayo

Speaking Engagements and Activities

  •  Presentation "Rethinking Mission - Edinburgh 2010," Board Meeting of the General Board of Global Ministries, October 10, 2009 in New York City.  
  • Workshop leader "Pedagogies for Civic Engagement," American Academy of Religion, November 10, 2009 in Montreal, Canada.

Noteworthy News

  •  Submitted a grant application to the John Templeton Foundation on the topic "Pentecostal Women 's Influence on the Civic Impact of Charismatic Chruches in Socialist Cuba" with Margarita Suarez of Meredith College.

Recent Publications

  • “The Search for an Evangelical Identity of Social Engagement: The Church in Cuba,” Apuntes: Reflexiones Teológicas del Margen Hispano, Mexican-American Center, Perkins Theological Seminary, Year 27, No. 1, Winter, 2007.
  • Book review of Higher Education and the Color Line: College Access, Racial Equity, and Social Change, Gary Orfield, Patricia Marin and Catherine Horn (eds.) in Teaching Theology & Religion, fall, 2007.
  • Book review of Wesley for Armchair Theologians, William Abraham, in The Circuit Rider, Vol.31, Issue 7, Jan-Feb. 2007.
  • The People Called Methodists in Cuba: The Untold Story of Survival and Revival, 2nd edition, Atlanta, GA: Dolphins and Orchids, 2006.