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Successful Alumni

Jason Cox PhotoJason Cox '93-Jason Cox graduated from Pfeiffer in 1993 with a degree in sports management. While at Pfeiffer, Jason played on the golf team, and was a member of the all-conference team in 1992 and 1993. In 1992, he was named conference player of the year and All-American.

He has spent many years in the industry, and his accomplishments include being named head golf professional at Stanly County Country Club in Badin in 1995,Director of Golf at Hidden Creek Country Club in Reston, V.A. and head golf professional at The Tillery Tradition Country Club in Mt. Gilead. In 2004, Jason became the director of junior golf for Carolina's Golf Association, where he remains today.

Rob Moxley PhotoRobert Moxley '94-Robert Moxley, a 1994 graduate of Pfeiffer University, currently serves as the assistant coach for the men's basketball team at North Carolina State University. Prior to his appointment at NC State, he was assistant coach at Middle Tennessee State University and associate head coach at University of North Carolina at Charlotte.He began as an assistant to Coach Bobby Lutz at Pfeiffer University in 1993, before moving to Gardner Webb.

In 1998, Moxley was ranked among the top 100 assistant coaches by

Kermit Smith PhotoKermit Smith '00-Kermit Smith became the head coach of Lander College in Greenville, S.C. in June 2009. He began his career at Belmont Abbey College, and in 2002,  he was the nations youngest head coach at age 23. Additionally, he began Belmont Abbey's winningest coach on Feb. 4, 2008.

"I am regularly reminded of the knowledge I gained at Pfeiffer University. Today, twelve years later, I can still pinpoint things that were said in a classroom that perfectly relate to my current duties of budget management, scheduling, mentoring and coaching. Nothing about this profession was ever sugar coated, and that was so important. The professors were very honest and straightforward about the path I chose. When you are 18 or 19 years old, that is priceless. I am grateful for the education that I received in the Pfeiffer Sports Management Department."

Internship Opportunities

The sports management program provides a practical, real-world curriculum that includes internship experiences. Students have the opportunity to apply their classroom knowledge in a variety of professional fields for course credit. Some students choose to intern at Pfeiffer in the athletics department or summer camps, but recent off-campus placements include:

  • Carolina Panthers
  • Charlotte Motor Speedway
  • Badin Inn Golf Resort
  • U.S. Naval Academy
  • Roush Motorsports Merchandising

Sports Management - Degree Requirements

62 Semester Hours Minimum
ACCT 221 Principles of Accounting I SMGT 201 Principles of Sports Management
BUS 201 Principles of Business SMGT 212 History of Sport and Physical Activity
BMAL 311 Business Statistics SMGT 307 Sport Facilities Management
BUAD 251 Business Law I SMGT 308 Sports Marketing
BMAL 241 Marketing SMGT 400 Sociology of Sport
BMAL 261 Principles of Management SMGT 410 Sports Finance
BMAL 445 International Business SMGT 502 Athletics Administration
ECON 222 Principles of Microeconomics SMGT 504 Sports Law - Senior Seminar
MATH 220 College Algebra SMGT 505 Internship in Sports Management



Sports Management-Courses Offered

SMGT 201 Principles of Sports Management F 3 SH
An introduction to the basic principles of management and how they apply to the sports industry.
SMGT 212 History of Sport and Physical Activity F; S 3 SH
Study of significant people, events, philosophies, and institutions affecting the development of sport, physical education, and exercise in North America. Analysis of major historical issues relating to sport, physical education, and exercise science.
SMGT 307 Sport Facilities Management F 3 SH
A study of the many types of sports facilities in use today, such as coliseums, stadiums, field houses, gymnasiums, as well as indoor and outdoor playing surfaces. Much attention is given to planning, materials, construction, upkeep and maintenance for the facilities.
SMGT 308 Sports Marketing S 3 SH
Application of marketing methods and principles in the sports management and athletics administration field, including public relations, licensing, consumer behavior, sponsonships and promotions.
SMGT 341 Event and Tournament Management F 3 SH
An overview of promoting golf through organized play, handicapping events, scoring, tournament decisions, and overall tournament operations. Included is the "hands on" experience in the operation of a golf tournament.
SMGT 400 (WI) Sociology of Sport F 3 SH
The social organization of sport and its relationship to aspects of the institutional structure, cultural patterns, and dynamics of American society. Emphasis will be placed on the critical analysis of sport; topics for investigation include, but are not limited to, socialization, high school and college athletics, violence and deviant behavior, gender, race, and class relations, the media, politics, and the economy.
SMGT 410 Sports Finance S 3 SH
Sports Finance will deal with the application of financial principles to the business of sport. There will be emphasis on financial concepts and the development of financial skills, with the examination of current and past economic and financial trends and the measuring of their impact on the sport industry.
SMGT 502 Athletics Administration S 2 SH
An overview of the area of athletics administration for scholastic and collegiate settings. Many areas from staffing to recruiting to fund raising are covered in this course. Prerequisites: SMGT 201 and SMGT 307.
SMGT 504 Sports Law - Senior Seminar S 3 SH
This course has two major purposes: 1) to provide a background of legal information pertinent to professionals in sports management or sports management-related careers; and 2) and to provide an opportunity to integrate and synthesize knowledge and experiences gained throughout the major. Course content focuses on constitutional, statutory, and case law in the field and provides the necessary background for locating, reading, and interpreting relevant legal and ethical issues and to arrive at decisions and conclusions that are professionally sound and prudent. Prerequisites: 36 credit hours in the major to include BUAD 323.
SMGT 505 Internship in Sports Management F; S 6 SH
Experience in a sports management setting. Prerequisites: Be at least a second semester junior; have at least a 2.3 GPA in the Sports Management Major.
SMGT 508 Internship in Athletic Coaching F; S 3 SH
The student enrolled is required to complete a minimum 75-hour work experience. The internship will be done with an approved mentor either in interscholastic or collegiate athletics. The student will be required to keep a daily reflection of activities and to submit a final paper summarizing the work experience. The mentor coach will also submit a written evaluation at the completion of the internship. The student must be enrolled in SMGT 508 in order to receive credit for experience. Prerequisite: Completion of 21 hours in the Coaching minor prior to taking internship.




Sports Management (SMGT)

logo for SOB resizedaagaard resizedPfeiffer University has offered a bachelor of arts in sports management since 1984. The sports management program is broad based and trains students to be competitive in the multi-faceted sports management/sports administration industry.

Students will be prepared to compete for positions in areas including athletics administration, retail, sports facilities management, sports business management, etc. As a part of the curricular requirement, Pfeiffer students will complete an extensive internship which will provide the experience that many employers are looking for in job applicants.