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Educational Objectives of Program

Upon completion of the Pfeiffer University baccalaureate program in nursing, the graduate will have the ability to:

  1. Integrate evidence-based knowledge from nursing, theories and concepts from liberal education, including the humanities and behavioral, mathematical, natural and physical sciences into the practice of professional nursing.
  2. Incorporate critical thinking skills in autonomous decision-making and effective therapeutic communication in the application of the nursing process with individuals, families, groups, and communities.
  3. Practice professional nursing competently in the roles of advocate, clinician, coordinator/collaborator, educator, leader, and consumer of research in a variety of health care settings to promote quality improvement and patient safety.
  4. Facilitate therapeutic, caring, and interprofessional collaborative relationships with clients and members of interdisciplinary health teams using written and emerging technology communication strategies.
  5. Integrate knowledge of leadership/management/administrative and information technology skills and health care policies in providing direct and indirect care to clients. 
  6. Provide comprehensive, culturally competent client-centered care to promote, restore, and maintain the maximum health potential of individuals, families, groups and communities across the lifespan while promoting health care literacy.
  7. Assume accountability and responsibility for personal and professional growth through commitment to participation in servant leader activities, continuous self-evaluation, and lifelong learning.
  8. Incorporate professional values, professional standards, and ethical, moral, and legal aspects of health care into nursing practice to promote advocacy, collaboration, and social justice.
  9. Incorporate knowledge and leadership skills related to system management into personal responsiveness to the health care needs of the Piedmont region, the state, the nation, and the global society.
  10. Integrate Caring principles and concepts into the holistic nursing care of clients and families, groups, and communities across the lifespan.

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