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International Cultural Studies-Minor Requirements

24 Semester Hours Min.
Required Courses (12 SH)
ENGL 330 Contemporary World Literature GEOG 202 World Regions or HSTY 233
Civilizations of Europe and Latin America
Minimum of 6 SH of foreign language completed prior to study abroad.
Additional courses to be selected from the following:
ART 305 History of Art before 1500 ENGL 354 World Mythology
ART 306 History of Art since 1500 HSTY 430 Revolution in the Modern World
COMM 311 Intercultural Communication PLSC 203 World Politics
ENGL 340 World Literature in Translations:
The Ancient World to 1400
RELG 208

World Religions

ENGL 344 World Literature in Translations:
GPS 200

Seminar for Global Pfeiffer Studies

Up to 12 semester hours may be earned through approved study abroad programs excluding TRIP. Up to 6 hours of these 12 hours may be additional foreign language hours. It is strongly recommended that students participate in the Pfeiffer International Living Experience Program (UNIV 210) and join the International Students Association. It is also recommended that they become involved in the Pfeiffer Microfinance Club and the Pfeiffer International Business Club.

International Cultural Studies

(Under Review)

InterculturalThe International Cultural Studies minor offers an interdisciplinary perspective on world culture. The study of the literature, art and religion of diverse societies forms the core of the program. The program will provide students with the basis to understand and appreciate the cultural heritage of people from many world regions. The study of a foreign language is recommended for students pursuing the International Cultural Studies minor. International travel is also encouraged.


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Alumni Profiles

z mcmichael resized2

Zachary McMichael, Raleigh, N.C., who will attend Washington University School of Law in St. Louis, Mo., on full scholarship to study patent law. Zach, a competitive swimmer, chemistry major and Milton Rose Scholar, was introduced to St. Louis last summer during a paid internship with agricultural and biotechnology leader Monsanto, where he will work again this summer before classes begin. Committed to living in St. Louis for at least three years while he completes his studies, Zach will move there with his fianceé Ashley Zeek, profiled below.

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Ashley Zeek, Anthem, Ariz., will teach high school biology  in St. Louis, Mo., for Teach For America, the national teacher corps of recent college graduates who commit two years to teach in under-resourced urban and rural public school districts. A biology/chemistry major and basketball player who spent summer 2011 conducting research in Madagascar through Pfeiffer's biology department, Ashley will fulfill her teaching commitment before applying to and completing medical school.

Meet Our Faculty


Dane Fisher1  luke dollar 2 resized Mark McCallum web
Dr. Dane K. Fisher
Associate Professor of Biology
Dr. Luke Dollar
Associate Professor of Biology
Dr. Mark McCallum
Interim Dean, Division of Arts and Science

Chemistry & Physics
Miranda Beam web  Kristin Walker web  Socrates Canete web
Dr. Miranda Beam
Assist. Professor, Chemistry
(704) 463-3311
Dr. Kristin Walker
Asst. Professor, Physics
(704) 463-3320
Dr. Socrates Canete
Assistant Professor, Chemistry
(704) 463-3340

Deborah Burris web Shaun Cashman 2 Charisse Levine resized
Deborah Burris
Asst. Professor, Communication
Dr. Shaun Cashman
Asst. Professor, Communication
Charisse Levine
Asst. Professor, Communication

Criminal Justice  
Anna Cutlip resized Dennis Souther web

Dr. Anna C. Cutlip
Assistant Professor, Criminal Justice

Dennis Souther
Visiting Professor, Criminal Justice

History & Political Science
michael thompson2 Juanita Kruse resized tom hyde
Dr. Michael Thompson
Chair, History & Political Science

Dr. Juanita Kruse
Professor, History

Dr. Tom Hyde
Professor, Political Science

Human Services
Aimee Bellmore web
Dr. Aimee Bellmore
Assistant Professor of Human Services

Language & Literature
 David Heckel resized Ashley Oliphant web sylvia hoffmire resized
Dr. David Heckel
Professor, English
Executive Director, Confucius Institute

Ashley Oliphant
Assistant Professor, English Department
Faculty Fellow, Francis Center for Servant Leadership

Dr. Sylvia B. Hoffmire
Assistant Professor, English

Kristi Embry2  Myra Tannehill resized  
Dr. Kristi Embry
Assistant Professor of English
Dr. Myra Tannehill
Visiting Professor, English

Yan Yamisiri King web2 Ross Braymer web  John Grosvenor web
Dr. Ying Yaemsiri-King
Chair, Mathematics Department
Ross Braymer
Assistant Professor, Mathematics
Dr. John Grosvenor
Professor, Mathematics

Music and Fine Arts  
joshua cross2 Joe Judge web jean raines3 steve harrill3

Joshua Cross
Associate Professor of Art

Joseph Judge
Assistant Professor of Music
Director of Choral & Vocal Music

Dr. Jean Raines
Professor of Music

Steve Harrill
Assistant Professor of Music, Vocal

Psychology Department  
Don Poe web  Rosalie Kern resized
Dr. Don Poe
Professor, Psychology
Dr. Rosalie Kern
Assoc. Professor, Psychology


 Religion & Practical Theology   
 Patty Meyers web  doug hume2 wingeier-rayo phil  
Dr. Patty Meyers
Professor, Christian Education
Dr. Doug Hume
Associate Professor of Religion
Chair, Religion & Practical Theology
Dr. Philip Wingeier-Rayo
Associate Professor of Religion

Kevin Taylor web      
Dr. Kevin Taylor
Visiting Assistant Professor of Religion



Milton Rose Alumni

jacob parks cropped peacock tyler turner cropped
Jacob Parks
Salisbury, NC

Melissa Peacock '10
Biloxi, MS
Tyler Turner
Shelby, NC