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Careers in Communication

So what can you do with a communication degree? Pfeiffer University offers a comprehensive degree in communication that prepares students for a number of exciting and growing fields.

  • We prepare our students to be flexible so that they can adapt quickly to changing careers and new technological developments.
  • Students develop the necessary skills required for many communication careers and a theoretical understanding that gives them an edge in adjusting to change.
  • Life is full of surprises and we train our students to respond effectively to them.
Sample careers in Advertising/Marketing
      Media buyer
      Publicity director
      Information specialist
      Account/management executive
      Media researcher
      Graphics and production developer
      Electronic production design coordinator
      Graphics designer
      Website designer
      Strategic marketing manager
      Media planner

Sample Careers in Broadcasting
      Education TV production
      Program director
      Schedule manager
      Film editor
      Disc jockey
      Production supervisor
      Sound mixer
      Executive producer
      Technical producer
      Special effects specialist
      Engineer floor manager

Sample Careers in Business/Industry
      Marketing research analyst
      Communication consultant
      Media relations
      Marketing representative
      Sales representative
      Business manager
      Production manager
      Information specialist
      Conference coordinator
      Investor relations
      Insurance claims representative
      Cooperative communications designers
      Corporate training and development
      Speech writing
      Hotel management
Sample Careers in Education
      Educational writer
      Media specialist
      Media librarian

Sample Careers in Government
      Copyright specialist
      Administrative assistant
      Press secretary
      Campaign director
      Speech writer
Human Relations
Communication affairs director
      Program director
      Public relations representative
      Employee publications specialist
      Employment recruiter
      Employee relations

Booking agent
      Literary agent
      Traffic manager
      Editorial writer
      Production assistant
      Layout coordinator
      Publicity assistant
      Manager of collections
      Sales Representative

INRL Minor Requirements

24 Semester Hours Minimum
Required Courses (12 SH)
COMM 311 Intercultural Communication ENGL 354 World Mythology
ECON 326 Comparative Economic Systems HSTY 430 Revolution in the Modern World
ECON 520 International Trade and Finance PLSC 401 Comparative Political Systems
ENGL 340 World Literature in Translation: TRIP 200 Seminar for the International Travel Experience
The Ancient World to 1400 UNIV 210 Pfeiffer International Living Experience
ENGL 344 World Literature in Translations:
1400 to 1945

Up to 12 semester hours may be earned through approved study abroad programs excluding TRIP. Up to
6 hours of these 12 hours may be additional foreign language hours.

It is strongly recommended that students participate in the Pfeiffer International Living Experience Program (UNIV 210) and join the International Students Association. It is also recommended that they become involvedin the Pfeiffer Microfinance Club and the Pfeiffer International Business Club.

ICUL Minor Requirements

24 Semester Hours Minimum
Required Courses (12 SH)
ENG 330 Contemporary World Literature GEOG 202 World Regions OR
ART 305 History of Art before 1500 HSTY 233 Civilians of Europe and Latin American to 1492
ART 306 History of Art since 1500 ENGL 354 World Mythology
COMM 311 Intercultural Communication HSTY 430 Revolution in the Modern World
ENGL 340 World Literature in Translation: PLSC 203 World Politics
The Ancient World to 1400 RELG 208 World Religions
ENGL 344 World Literature in Translation: 1400 to 1945 TRIP 200 Seminar for International Travel Experience
Up to 12 semester hours may be earned through approved study abroad programs excluding TRIP. Up to 6 hours of these 12 hours may be additional foreign language hours. Minimum of 6 SH of foreign language completed prior to study abroad.

International Relations (INRL)

(Under Review)

International RelationsThe International Relations minor offers an interdisciplinary course of study designed to promote the understanding of the government, geography and culture of countries around the globe. The study of a foreign language and international travel are recommended as part of the program. As economic, cultural and political interconnections increase, knowledge of international issues and relations is becoming increasingly important. The International Relations minor complements majors in business, political science and a variety of other fields.


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Current Student Profiles

Dustin headshotDustin Brannam '14-Dustin Brannam is a sophomore at Pfeiffer University and is  dedicated to the field of communications.  He is majoring in communications with a double focus in professional communication and digital media while also minoring in psychology and history. He is from Yadkinville, North Carolina, where he attended Forsyth Country Day School.  He is a member of the Pfeiffer University men's swim team and a peer chaplain on campus. He is enrolled in Officer Candidate School with the United States Marine Core where he will attend Pilot School when he graduates. Dustin hopes his studies in communication will help him advance in his chosen career field. 



phillip headshotPhilip Howard '14-Currently a sophomore, Philip Howard is a communication major with a focus in organization communication. He has learned about different communication styles, how it effects organization, and has become more comfortable with public communication. Additionally, he has gained knowledge in mass communication media such as TV, radio and newspapers. After graduation, he hopes to use his knowledge in mass communication and organization communication to land a job in public relations or mass marketing.




jordyc cartoon 1 resizedJordy Carson '14-Jordy Montrea Carson is 28 years old and caring for his wife, daughter and a son that will be born in July.  Carson received an AAS in advertising and graphic design from Stanly Community College, and is currently double-majoring in digital media and journalism and minoring in computer information systems. 

Jordy is working with his first client in Albemarle, a salon and spa owner, to recreate their corporate identity and promotional materials, as well as offer marketing and advertising services for print and web. He is also helping with media and print publications for his home church in Albemarle.  After school, he ultimately plans to start his own business in graphic and web design, marketing and advertising.  He also wants to write and illustrate children's books.

"Pfeiffer is helping me by giving me the practical skills to succeed in the ever-changing, digital age," Jordy said. "Since I arrived at Pfeiffer, I have gained more confidence in my abilities."

Stephanies PhotoStephanie Mitchell '12-Stephanie Mitchell, a senior at Pfeiffer University, is double majoring in organizational communication and communication studies. While at Pfeiffer, Stephanie has been involved with many organizations including The Falcon's Eye newspaper, communication audit of GHA and is currently interning with the Public Relations Department at Pfeiffer University.  

"While at Pfeiffer, I met some of my closest friends and my mentor Deborah Burris. The past four years have been tough, and she has helped me every step of the way. I don't know what I would do without her."

Stephanie decided to double major in two types of communications so she can learn all she can and gain experience in all fields of communication.

"All aspects of communication appeal to me from public relations to multimedia," said Stephanie.  "I want to do it all."