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Melissa Peacock-Milton Rose Student 2010-2011


Senior, Mathematics and Engineering Studies.

I moved to North Carolina from Biloxi, Mississippi in August 2007. I am a senior at Pfeiffer University, majoring in Mathematics and Engineering Studies. Some activities I enjoy are acting, playing tennis, and cooking. I am part of the Math club and Honors Program at Pfeiffer. During my first two years, I worked with Dr. Dollar to examine the effects of speed bumps on roadkill number in the Ankarafantsika National Forest in Madagaskar. During my most recent Milton Rose research, I have been working with Dr. Sutlive and Dr. Walker to examine the walk-run transition and the factors that may affect this transition. In my future research, I will be examining how barefoot or shod walking affects the walk-run transition.

After graduating in December 2010, Melissa is now in the Mechanical Engineering program at Auburn University.

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