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New to Pfeiffer?

Download the complete "Are You New to Pfeiffer?" document.


Pfeiffer University does not require students to supply their own computers, although we strongly advise it.  Student access computers are provided on all campuses, but the number available is small and computer labs are often reserved.

If you choose to bring your own computer, we suggest a Windows-based laptop/notebook/ultrabook.  Our network is based on Microsoft's Active Directory, and support for the Macintosh platform is limited.

As of Fall 2013 we consider this to be the minimum hardware configuration:
•    Intel Core i5 processor
•    6 GB RAM
•    250 GB hard drive

In partnership with Lenovo, Pfeiffer students, staff and faculty can receive special pricing and rebates on Lenovo computers.  Please visit for details


Pfeiffer provides printers on all campuses for your use.  While attached to the Pfeiffer network, you can print to any of them--pick the one most convenient to you.  You will then be able to log into the printer and receive your print, the cost of which will be debited against your student printing account.  You receive $25 in print credits per semester, which allows you to print approximately 500 sides in black and white.  Should you need more the Business Office can facilitate adding additional funds to your account.

You are also free to bring your own printer for use in your dorm room.  If your printer supports wireless connections, we ask you disable that functionality to eliminate this source of interference with the university's wireless network.


We provide wireless network access in all campus buildings at all locations. Availability and quality of wireless service varies by location and the number of others attempting to use it.

Pfeiffer IT staff can help you with the basics on a time and effort available basis. If you need further assistance, we have a number of advanced student employees who can work on your computer for a reasonable fee.