Helpful Tips for International Students

Meet Other International Students
On all Pfeiffer campuses, the Cultural Exchange Organization (CEO)
raises awareness about the international community, enhances
appreciation for other cultures, brings together people from all
over the world, and provides a support network for students.
To learn more, call (704) 463-3368, or Facebook: ISA Pfeiffer.

Students on Pfeiffer's undergraduate campus in Misenheimer
have access to: international student advising, tutoring and
workshops, and student health services.








Helpful International Websites

Emergency Evacuations

If and when it is ever necessary to evacuate an area due to destructive weather, acts of terrorism, or another event that requires evacuation from a Pfeiffer campus, it's important for international students to have with them certain information and documents to facilitate return. For this reason, please enter the contact numbers for Pfeiffer's International Center in your cell phone.

  • Take your passport, visa, current and expired I-20, 1-94, social security card, driver's license, medical and financial records, airplane tickets, checks and credit cards.
  • Have available contact information (telephone numbers and email addresses) for designated school officials (P/DSOs).  Check with Pfeiffer's International Center to determine the most effective means of contact during an emergency evacuation.
  • Take Student Exchange and Visitor Program (SEVP) information to state your location and how to reach you. Email or call toll free (800) 961-5294.

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