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Faculty Spotlight

At Pfeiffer University not only do we have a 12:1 student-to-faculty ratio, we have dedicated professors who love to teach and see their students succeed.  In this faculty spotlight, we're going to promote these individuals who help make Pfeiffer great.

Dr. Christopher HowardDr. Christopher Howard
Associate Professor of Business Management and Leadership

Expertise: Global Leadership and Building Intercultural Competencies

Years at Pfeiffer: 7

He loves Pfeiffer because: “Pfeiffer offers an environment that accepts people for who they are and assists them in unlocking their full potential.”

Students should choose Pfeiffer because: “Pfeiffer is a place that students can experience their education. Faculty offer students an environment where they can be mentored and learn from hands-on experience.”

About Dr. Howard: Dr. Howard is a subject matter expert in building cross-cultural teams in the EU. He travels to Europe every summer to conduct workshops and seminars on global leadership and strategic management.

Dr. Susan WilkieDr. Susan Wilkie
Professor of Marriage and Family Therapy / Graduate School Program Director

Expertise: Educational Administration & Leadership, Supervision, Curriculum Development,Counselor Education, Marriage and Family Therapy, & Family Mediation

Years at Pfeiffer: 10

Why she loves Pfeiffer: "I enjoy the challenge of growing a robust exemplary program for students and professionals that is highly respected in the community. Subsequently, professional COAMFTE accreditation and reputation attract students and faculty from all over the U.S. The amazing students and colleagues continue to inspire me to return every year!”

Why should students choose Pfeiffer: “It is a warm and welcoming learning climate that both inspires and challenges students to grow relationally and professionally.”

About Dr. Wilkie: She arrived in Charlotte on August 31, 2005 after a very abrupt evacuation from Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. When the University of New Orleans called her back to work in early December, she finished her annual contract and accepted a position at Pfeiffer to write and create the Marriage and Family Therapy Graduate Program.