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Human Services- Courses Offered

HSRV 201 Introduction to Human Services F 3 SH
This course will introduce students to the field of Human Services and prepare them to work as professionals in a variety of service settings. Students will learn the history, theories and purposes of Human Services, as well as get exposure to the multitude of helping settings in which gradates work.
HSRV 210
Introduction to Autism Spectrum Disorder
S 3 SH
This course will provide students with information about the characteristics and etiology of autism and other disorders on the autism spectrum. Students will gain an understanding of the characteristics and incidence of autism and the implications for children's learning, behavior and ability to process information. Students will learn about communication and social skills challenges, sensory processing issues and the impact of common medical problems experienced with autism-spectrum disorders. Current knowledge and practices will be explored.
HSRV 301 Program Evaluation in Human Services F 3 SH
Planning, executing and analyzing the outcomes of program evaluation in human service fields. Basic statistics, evaluation methods and the use of evaluation outcomes to improve services will be stressed.
HSRV 401 Field Placement in Human Services F; S 4 SH

Students are given the opportunity to develop skills in providing direct services to clients in human service agencies.

HSRV 410 Behavior Modification S 3 SH
Study of the application of learning principles to practical problems of behavior with emphasis on behavior management and behavior modification in home, school, and clinical settings, laboratory study in acquisition of new behaviors, and visits to local programs using behavior modification with normal and exceptional persons. Prerequisite: PSYC 221 or permission of instructor.
HSRV 500 Special Topics in Human Services UD 3 SH

Provides opportunity for exploration in depth of selected topics and areas of interest to the human services field. Topics include families and children in crisis, homelessness, job skills training, meeting the needs of diverse populations and crisis assistance. Prerequisite: PSYC 221 or SOCY 301.

HSRV 501 Senior Seminar in Human Services S 4 SH
The capstone course in human services. An overview of past and present approaches to providing human services. Psychological and sociological research bases for current human services practices will be emphasized. A major paper is required. Prerequisite: Major in Human Services, senior standing, and HSRV 301.

Human Services - Degree Requirements


48 Semester Hours Minimum
Core Requirements:
HSRV 201 Introduction to Human Services PSYC 425 Counseling
HSRV 301 Program Evaluation in Human Services SOCY 201 Introduction to Sociology
HSRV 401 Field Placement in Human Services SOCY 204 Social Problems
HSRV 410 Behavior Modification SOCY 320 Social Work and Social Welfare
HSRV 501 Seminar in Human Services    
PSYC 202 Introduction to Psychology    
PSYC 226 Behavior Problems    
PSYC 420 Group Processes    
In addition to the above required courses for all majors, each student majoring in HSRV will complete one (1) of the following three (3) concentrations.
Concentration in Aging (9 SH)
PSYC 295 Psych Dev. Across the Lifespan SOCY 420 Medical Sociology
SOCY 406 Gerontology
SOCY 425 Sociology of Death and Dying
Concentration in Child Development (9 SH)
PSYC 295 Psych Dev. Across the Lifespan SPED 200 Introduction to Exceptional Children
SOCY 206 Sociology of the Family    
Concentration in Diverse Populations (9 SH)
PSYC 435 Psychology of Women SOCY 450 Race and Ethnic Relations
SOCY 206 Sociology of the Family    



Human Services (HSRV)

for human servThe human services program offers an interdisciplinary curriculum that combines study in the fields of sociology and psychology. Students take a core of courses that help them develop basic understandings of people, helping skills and knowledge of program evaluation. Students concentrate in one of three areas: aging, child development or diverse populations.

Students who major in human services will find career opportunities in many human service agencies, including group homes, children's homes, nursing homes and the Department of Social Services.


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