Pfeiffer University Campus

International Undergraduate Requirements / Adult Degree Completion

Listed below are the steps involved when applying to Pfeiffer, qualifying for an I-20, applying for a visa, and finally, arriving in the United States:

1)  Submit an adult undergraduate application for admission to Pfeiffer University

2)  Submit transcripts from ALL schools attended showing you are qualified academically

2)  Submit evidence of English proficiency. A basic requirement for successful study in the United States is the ability to communicate in English. International students applying to the university must use one of the following methods to show that they have an appropriate level of English proficiency:

Pfeiffer accepts ANY of the following as proof of English proficiency.

a)  TOEFL score of at least 500 PBT/173 CBT/61 IBT, taken at an official ETS testing center and NOT in-house; i.e., at a university
b)  IELTS score of at least 6.0
c)  College English Test (CET)
d)  Completion of 24 semester hours at a US university
e)  Completion of a US high school diploma
f)  Completion of an appropriate level in an ESL program which, according to the ESL school, is sufficient for the undergraduate level of university study.
g)  Satisfactory SAT or ACT score 

NOTE:  The TOEFL is given in most countries around the world on computer (the paper based version is being phased out).  The test is offered on many days during the month, but only at a limited number of computer centers.  You may have to travel some distance to reach the nearest test center.  Pre-registration is required.  The TOEFL uses a multiple choice and essay format to measure each examinee's ability to understand North American English.  The test is divided into four sections:  listening, structure, reading, and writing.  The writing section requires the test taker to write an essay.  The total number of questions you answer correctly and your score on the essay form the raw scores for each section.

4)  Submit proof of financial support sufficient to cover your first year's expenses including living expenses. CHECK WITH THE ADMISSIONS 0FFICE FOR THE TOTAL AMOUNT YOU NEED TO DOCUMENT.  ALL CURRENCY LISTED SHOULD BE IN US DOLLARS. You will be sent a Statement of Financial Support Form.  You can download this form by going to and clicking on “Forms.”    We will also need bank statements showing the availability of funds.  Make a copy of this documentation before you send it to Pfeiffer, because you will need it when you apply for your visa and also when you arrive in the United States at the port of entry.

5)  Submit copy of your passport ID page (the page with your name and expiration date)

After you have been formally accepted and submitted all the necessary documents, Pfeiffer will send you an I-20.  Please read this document carefully; if you find an error, let us know immediately since an error could have a negative impact on your application for an F-1 visa.  Also, read page 2 which outlines your responsibilities as an F-1 student.

SEVIS FEE: BEFORE applying for an F-1 visa at a United States consulate or embassy, the Department of Homeland Security requires payment of a $200 SEVIS fee.  There are two ways to pay this fee: 

1)  The fee may be paid by mail by submitting Form I-901, “Fee Remittance for Certain F, M, and J Nonimmigrants,” together with a check or money order drawn on a U.S. bank and payable in US currency; or
2)  The fee may be paid on-line by going to  On this website, you can complete Form I-901 and pay the fee using Visa, MasterCard, or American Express, whether issued in the US or overseas.   This is the quickest method.

The SEVIS fee should be paid at least THREE business days before applying for your visa.




Readmission to Pfeiffer University's School of Adult Studies

Any student who has been out of school for two consecutive semesters is considered inactive and must apply for readmission.  This entails submitting an application for readmission and the re-application fee of $60.

If a student has been inactive for three years or more, their student file will have been purged.  As such, that applicant for readmission must submit all transcripts again.

School of Adult Studies students who achieve a Grade Point Average below 2.0 should refer to the University catalog to review policies pertaining to Academic Eligibility.  Students who are on Academic Warning or Academic Probation may be readmitted at the discretion of the University.  Students returning from Academic Probation will be placed on Academic Probation status.

Financial Aid can be awarded for students on Academic Probation for only one semester.

Non-Degree Seeking Students

Those students who wish to take courses without seeking a degree from Pfeiffer University must submit an application with $60 non-refundable application fee. Applications may be sent to the following address:

Coordinator of Admissions
Pfeiffer University at Charlotte
4701 Park Road
Charlotte, NC 28209

Contact: Jonathan Beam, Director of Adult Program Admissions at (704) 945-7356 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Click here for Application Form.

Degree Completion Programs at Pfeiffer University


Greetings from the Center for Professional Advancement, and welcome to Pfeiffer University!  What a great time to be at Pfeiffer.  There are many exciting initiatives taking place at the University as we achieve excellence in our mission of educating the adult learner.

Pfeiffer University is a private institution dedicated to providing academic advancement for a diverse student population. The Center for Professional Advancement offers a wide range of programs in business, criminal justice, healthcare, information technology, communications and liberal studies. While online classes are available in all programs to help with you busy schedule, Health Administration is the only major available entirely online at this time. Pfeiffer University has delivered quality education and personal attention to students for 125 years. We understand the demands of the working adult by developing programs that are relevant, convenient, flexible and affordable.

Our adult degree completion program provides a solid curriculum and is distinctive for its integrated focus on promoting diversity and personal growth. Students in Pfeiffer's Center for Professional Advancement have the opportunity to participate in program internships and campus organizations, including honor societies.

For more information about the adult degree completion program offerings, please contact Sheila Mull at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or (704) 945-7322.

For information about VA benefits, contact Rick Kivior, associate registrar, at (704) 945-7316 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.







Steps to Apply

  1. Submit the Application for Admission along with a $60 non-refundable application fee. Click here to access the School of Adult Studies application.
  2. Send official transcripts from all colleges/universities you have attended to the Office of Admissions. Click here to access the Transcript Request forms. Note: A high school transcript will be required if you have fewer than 24 transferable semester hours. In order to receive transfer credits from previous colleges attended, or to be considered for financial aid, veteran's assistance or scholarships, prospective students must submit one official academic transcript from all previous colleges attended. If students have applied for financial aid, the financial aid transcript must be submitted to the Office of Financial Aid at Pfeiffer University.

    Please mail all application materials to the following address:

    Pfeiffer University
    Office of Admissions
    4701 Park Rd
    Charlotte, NC 28209

  3. Attend New Student Orientation and Admission Testing.  Entrance Testing

    Orientation and Admission Testing Registration: Please contact Dana Hanson, Assistant Dean of Student Services at 704/945-7333 or by email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Transfer Information

Pfeiffer University at Charlotte welcomes applications from students who have attended other regionally accredited colleges or universities. Two-Year College Graduates are accepted on a direct transfer basis from all regionally accredited junior colleges and community colleges. Under this policy, all college parallel courses are transferred at full credit and with the grade earned. Other transfer candidates are considered on an individual basis and on their own merits.

Those candidates who have a cumulative 2.00 ( C ) average or equivalent will receive full credit for all college parallel work completed and grades will transfer as earned. Those who do not have a cumulative 2.00 ( C ) average will not receive credit for grades below the “C” level. Those credits accepted will be transferred at the grade earned.

The Dean determines the applicability of courses taken at other regionally accredited institutions of higher learning toward the general education requirements at Pfeiffer. The Dean also determines the applicability of transferred courses toward meeting the requirements for majors. Courses applied to a major require a minimum grade of C-.

Transcript Evaluations

As soon as the Office of Admissions receives a college or university transcript, the Registrar will determine which courses transfer to Pfeiffer and send the transcripts to the appropriate advisor. The advisor will meet with the student to discuss the transcript evaluation. Courses in the area of general education and in a major field of study may be transferred; however, courses to be used in meeting requirements for a major must be approved by the Dean. All transcripts must received and evaluated within the first semester.

If a student has an overall grade point average (GPA) of “C” (2.00) or better ,a grade of “D” may be accepted for credit, unless the course is to be used to meet requirements of a major. A grade of “C” or better is required in all courses counted toward a major or minor whether taken at Pfeiffer or elsewhere. For those students whose GPA is below a “C” average, only courses with a grade of “C” or above will transfer.

Quarter Vs. Semester Hours

A quarter hour is equivalent to 2/3 of a semester hour. Therefore, a course in which
three quarter hours have been earned will transfer to Pfeiffer as two semester hours
(3 x 2/3 = 2). All courses transferred to Pfeiffer are transferred with the grade earned.

Residence Requirement

At least 45 semester hours must be earned in residence at Pfeiffer University. Work in
residence must include at least 1/2 of the number of semester hours required in the major. Exceptions are made for military personnel attending under any of the military service degree completion programs.

Graduation Requirements

Students normally graduate under the provisions and requirements of the catalog in
effect at the time of their initial registration at Pfeiffer University, unless changes
in curricula, graduation requirements, etc…, make that impossible. Students may choose to graduate under the requirements of a subsequent catalog; however, they must meet all of the requirements of one catalog. Students who re-enter after an interval of two or more semesters must meet the requirements of the catalog in effect at the time of re-registration, or of a subsequent catalog.

In order to graduate with a four-year degree from Pfeiffer, a student must earn a minimum of 120 semester hours. Of these hours 42 to 45 SH are General Education program requirements.

All students are required to take and complete at least three writing intensive courses, at least one of which must be outside the student's major, with a grade of C- or better (in many majors, one of these courses will be the senior seminar capstone course).

Students must demonstrate basic computer competency, or take COMP 360 Microcomputer Applications or another course with a "C-" or higher. The course must be approved by the Dean of the Program in which the student is enrolled.

Students must complete a major. The School of Adult Studies offers six undergraduate majors including Business Administration, Criminal Justice, Health Administration, Interdisciplinary Studies, Organizational Communications and Management Information Systems.

All students must complete an Application for Degree one year prior to graduation.

At least a 2.0 cumulative academic average on work attempted at Pfeiffer University is required for graduation.

Lastly, students must meet all requirements for the current academic assessment plan outlined in the catalog on page 16 to 17. To view the catalog, click here .

Class Standing

Freshmen 0 - 25 semester hours
Sophomore 26 - 55 semester hours
Junior 56 - 85 semester hours
Senior 86+ semester hours